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Jointline Using X-Grid As A Car Parking Solution

Project Brief: Create a strong and suds compliant gravel car park for nearby residents

Total Project Area: 150m²

Products Used: X-Grid

This X-Grid gravel car park case study comes from Jointline Ltd. Jointline are known for in road markings, airfield markings and high friction/coloured surfacing but also specialise in construction, civil and engineering projects such as this SuDs compliant X-Grid car park installation. Jointline were asked to create this additional car parking space which adhered to the local authorities remit of permeability and preventing surface water run off on to the highway. Read on to find out how the Jointline team achieved these results:

About The Project

Jointline were tasked with helping ease the parking problems which the residents on a street in Grantham were experiencing. As there was not enough parking space near the properties this had lead to some residents having to park some distance away from their properties and walk to their homes.

Their aim was create a convenient, level, strong and SuDs compliant car parking space to alleviate the issues that the residents were unfortunately facing. The parking space was to be installed in place of a small section of grass which you can see on the next image. See how the team chose their product and completed the installation by reading on:

Choosing & Installing X-Grid

Jointline began researching online for strong and permeable paving solutions which lead them to discovering our X-Grid ground reinforcement grids. Upon discovering that X-Grid would meet all the needs of their project perfectly, 150m² was ordered and delivered to their offices within 3 working days.

The team began the installation by excavating the existing grassed area to match the area of X-Grid they had ordered.

With the ground excavated, the team then began following our install guide. A sheet of membrane was laid to cover the exposed area to still allow water to drain away naturally whilst preventing weeds from growing and reaching the surface. On top of the membrane, a solid sub-base was achieved by laying a layer of hardcore before compacting and levelling using a whacker plate.

Next, the team began laying their black X-Grid on to the compacted sub-base. Laying our gravel car park grid is a simple process thanks to its specially designed interlocking slot and peg system. The process of laying and connecting X-Grid is in fact so simple that the team was able to lay over 100m² in less than a day!

With the X-Grid in place, the team just had to wait for their aggregate to be delivered and cover the area before re-adjusting the utility covers to meet the height of the new permeable surface.

The gravel car parking space was excavated, laid and completed all in less than a week!


The team at Jointline and the residents on the street are delighted with their new strong and permeable car parking space which has now resolved the long standing parking issues.

As well as the residents and local authorities being pleased with the outcome, we were told by Jointline: “Our crews enjoyed installing the product and the environmental benefits that X-Grid gives”

A huge thank you to Jointline for choosing to use our X-Grid and for then sharing images and details of their fantastic installation.

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