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Rubber Grass Mats Used At Millbrook Golf Club

Project Brief: Create hard-wearing & natural looking approaches to tee boxes

Total Project Area: 67.5m²

Product Used: Rubber Grass Mats

A wonderful golf course based in Bedfordshire, Millbrook Golf Club were looking to make improvements to parts of their course to ensure heavily-used areas would be suitable for all-year-round play.

In this case study, the greenkeeping team were working to improve the walk-off areas of some new tee boxes to prevent these heavily trafficked areas from being eroded and avoid muddy/boggy ground during winter months.

To produce a pathway that would provide excellent levels of grass protection whilst, once the grass below has grown, keeping the natural aesthetics of the course, the team decided to use our rubber grass mats.

Our rubber golf path mating is incredibly popular thanks to the fantastic range of benefits which include being durable, easy to install, permeable plus wheelchair & golf cart friendly, ensuring it is the ideal solution for a wide range of projects and applications such as the Millbrook Golf Course!

"We chose rubber grass mats to be used for the walk-on walk-off areas to two of our tee boxes, one of which has recently had a new pathway to the rear of the tee installed."

Rubber Grass Mats On The 7th Tee

Leading from the 6th green to the 7th tee, the course would show signs of wear, which if not maintained carefully by the greenkeeping team, could lead to an incredibly boggy area.

To help alleviate the threat of muddy ground in this area the team put in place a plan to rebuild the space.

The team built-up a new pathway to the rear of the tee before re-turfing the slopes on either side of the path and completing the path surface with artificial grass. The lead-up to the artificial grass path was then surfaced with our protective rubber grass mats which were easily laid in place by the team with the use of plastic pegs and cable ties. 

Once the area has matured, the golf path mats will become almost invisible, providing a natural-looking yet protective surface to ensure the course is in the best condition possible for its members all year round.

You can follow the installation process through the photo gallery:

"Our Greenkeepers have been busy putting the finishing touches to the 7th Tee.

Turfing the slopes, laying artificial grass for the path and installing a rubber grass mat infrastructure which the grass will grow through."

Rubber Grass Mats On The 12th Tee

Similarly to the 7th tee work just mentioned, the team at Millbrook created a plan to improve the 12th tee approach from the 11th green with the use of our rubber grass mats.

To help improve the usability of the course throughout the year, regardless of weather, the lead up to the tee box from the 11th green was improved with the use of our rubber grass mats which were laid out, connected together with cable ties and easily secured in place using plastic pegs.

Once the grass has grown through the carefully designed holes in the rubber grass mats, the course will retain its natural appearance whilst having a reinforced pathway which will prevent boggy areas from developing.

You can see before and after photos of this installation through the following photo gallery:

"The 12th Tee approach work is progressing really well thanks to our greenkeeping team. The area around the 11th bunker has also been re-turfed."

The Outcome

Robert and the team are delighted with the outcome of their project and the benefits the rubber grass mats have provided. Some clubs members are too, as they shared their thoughts on the new tee boxes and approaches on the Millbrook Facebook page:

"The tee boxes looked very smart on Saturday."

We’re delighted our simple to install yet incredibly effective rubber grass mats have been such a success for Millbrook Golf Course.

Our superb golf pathway mats have helped the greenkeeping team achieve their goals of creating reinforced and natural-looking approach areas to their new tee boxes which will no doubt aid the team and the course for years to come.

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About Millbrook Golf Club

Millbrook Golf Course is a wonderful golf club located in the woodland by the delightful village of Millbrook, which is a beautiful part of Bedfordshire between Woburn and the market town of Ampthill.

The course was originally laid out in 1977 and has both matured so well and been constantly improved that the club has hosted Bedfordshire County Championship and County Matches; which is a testament to the course, facilities and staff.

You can learn more about the course and how to book a tee time by going to the Millbrook website.

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