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Rubber Grass Mats Used At Priory Park Community School

Project Brief: Transform an unused area at the school into a hub for education and play designed with safety in mind

Product Used: Rubber Grass Mats

This case study comes courtesy of Play To Measure and Priory Park Community School. The school were looking for a specialist play company to transform an unused and overgrown piece of land into an innovative learning and play environment that combined education, creativity, fun, nature and most importantly safety, in one holistic design.

Before the project began, the outdoor space at Priory Park Community School was an overgrown area which was largely inaccessible and due to this, underutilised.

A lack of engaging elements and safety concerns posed a significant challenge for Play To Measure when converting this space into an area promoting learning and play. The need to ensure students’ safety while encouraging outdoor learning, creativity and physical exercise was paramount in the planning process.

Play To Measure proposed a comprehensive solution that involved the creation of an outdoor classroom, pond, climbing frame with a slide, hammocks and more with the addition of rubber grass matting underneath any suitable structures to cushion any falls and ensure the safety of the children. 

Photo Of The Area Before Installation

The first phase of the project began with the clearing of the overgrown grass and plants to give the team a blank canvas to start working with. With the area clear, the team set to work on making the design a reality.

A pond was created and filled with self-oxygenating plants to attract a wide variety of wildlife, hoping they would begin calling the pond home. A boat was then added nearby to the pond to provide a rare relaxation and learning space.

Over the pond, a custom-built Outdoor Classroom with a bridge was then installed. This provided the perfect dedicated space for educational sessions, with a canopy included to allow year-round use.

Adjacent to the classroom, two handmade hammocks were installed with rubber grass mats laid and secured underneath, providing a safe surface under this unique relaxation area.

The second phase involved designing, constructing and installing a unique climbing frame. The Play To Measure team produced an innovative play space that featured everything wanted from a climbing frame including ladders, a slide, a climbing wall and nets! The climbing frame was assembled and installed on-site with the help of some of the school’s students.

Our 23mm rubber grass mats were then laid and secured around the climbing frame serving as a safety surface ensuring the well-being of all users. These simple-to-install safety surfacing solutions carry a superb 3.3m critical fall height perfect for a wide range of play spaces.

Adding a play area enhanced the spaces’ recreational aspect, encouraging physical activity whilst ensuring all children are safe during play.

"Another quality structure completed, featuring a climbing wall, scramble nets, ladders, a platform and a slide!"

"Thanks to South West Play for all things rope, GCL Products for safety matting and the students at Priory Park Community School for your help in building the structure."

The collaboration between Play To Measure, Priory Park Community School and GCL Products successfully transformed an underutilised outdoor space into a vibrant, safe, and educational area. The project achieved the perfect balance between safety, versatility and education, creating an inspiring environment that promotes both learning and play. This outstanding project is a testament to the value of creating innovative solutions for outdoor spaces whilst prioritising children’s safety and well-being.

"We are delighted with the before and after. The transformation of spaces is what we do. Take an unused space and make it into a play oasis."

"Earlier this year it was an empty area... Now there is a Nature Pond, Outdoor Classroom, Boat, Table & Chairs, Hammocks and a large Climbing Frame."

"Thank you to Priory Park Community for the opportunity to work at your school."

Play To Measure are experts in transforming indoor and outdoor spaces by crafting playgrounds, sensory gardens, learning spaces and home garden projects. Play To Measure are based in Sheffield, working throughout the Midlands and Yorkshire, as well as across the UK.

This project is the perfect reflection of Play To Measure’s dedication to excellence and their ability to go above and beyond in meeting and surpassing the needs and expectations of their clients. To learn more about them or to get in touch regarding a potential project, visit the Play To Measure website.

GCL Products are proud to have been a part of creating this outstanding safe learning and play space. If you require more information on our Rubber Grass Mats or to request a quote for an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can call us on 01246 418144 or LiveChat during office hours, outside of these times you can leave us a message.

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