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The Resin Mill – Authorised Reseller Of SoRoTo Forced Action Mixers

GCL Products are delighted to announce that The Resin Mill have become an authorised reseller of SoRoTo forced action mixers. We are thrilled to have such a reputable resin bound gravel and surfacing material supplier, promoting our mixers and teaching students the basics of laying resin bound on their training courses using a SoRoTo forced action mixer.

Who Are The Resin Mill?

One of the leading resin bound suppliers in the UK, The Resin Mill pride themselves on offering the best materials at the best price along with their teams specialist knowledge. As they stock large amounts of gravel and resin, they can react quickly to orders both small and large to ensure each one is dispatched and delivered as quickly as possible.

The School of Resin

Along with their products and services, The Resin Mill also offer a Resin Training Academy. A purpose built classroom area where individuals and companies both newcomers and experienced, are taught and shown how to correctly install resin bound gravel. On the course, you will be taught to correctly lay whilst adhering to the guidelines and procedures which have been outlined by FeRFA. One of the guidelines is how to prepare the ground suitably before laying resin bound gravel which can be done using a ground reinforcement grid such as X-Grid.

What does the resin bound gravel course entail?

  • Discover the theory behind resin bound gravel and the correct mixing ratios,
  • A few hours of classroom type learning,
  • Correct preparation of your materials, tools and mixer,
  • Lay some resin bound yourself,
  • Tips on how to develop your business and marketing.

We donated a SoRoTo 100L forced action mixer to The School of Resin to ensure each student that attends the course is able to learn by using the best quality forced action mixer available on the market.


The Resin Mill are a fantastic company to work with whether you’re looking for a new SoRoTo forced action mixer, a large range of decorative gravels and resins or need training in the art of laying resin bound gravel.

We look forward to having a long and successful working relationship with The Resin Mill.

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