Forced Action Mixer Trade-In Scheme By GCL Products Ltd

SoRoTo Mixers are the first forced action mixer supplier in the UK to offer a trade-in scheme to anyone looking to upgrade or update their current forced action mixer regardless of its brand, capacity or age.

Contractors and tradespeople who trade in an old mixer, are then eligible for a discount of up to £500 against a brand-new SoRoTo model. Please note that the amount of discount is dependent on the condition of the mixer traded in but the amount of discount will be confirmed before your purchase of a new machine.

Why have you launched the Trade-In scheme?

Many contractors are currently working older, worn and potentially unsafe forced action mixers which is something we hope to work towards improving with the trade-in deal. Upgrading to a brand new mixer will not only help improve the efficiency and quality of the operators work but also the safety standards in potentially dangerous working environments.

As well as safety, if your mixer starts to fail, this could result in downtime, costing large amounts of money and causing a knock-on time effect during busy periods, which could result in losing jobs and customers. Ensuring you have a mixer that is in top working condition will help reduce the chance of this occurring to you.

All of our forced action mixers are included in the trade-in deal, you can browse the full range to see which size would best suit your needs before submitting your trade-in request.

“We’re really excited about the launch of our new and unique trade-in scheme. Offering contractors a chance to upgrade and update their vital equipment and improving the levels of safety in the construction industry benefits everyone.”
Fergus Slack
Fergus Slack
GCL Products Ltd - Managing Director

How do I trade in my mixer?

Trading in your forced action mixer with us is a simple process, just follow the steps below to earn a discount of up to £500 against a new SoRoTo mixer.

  1. Fill in and submit the trade-in form which is located on our trade-in information page with your contact details and current mixer specification,
  2. Wait for a member of our sales team to contact you discuss your current mixer more and your new forced action mixer requirements,
  3. We will provide you with our address so you can send your mixer to us via a haulier or you can drop it off yourself for a thorough assessment,
  4. Once inspected, we will confirm your discount before sending you an invoice for the cost of your chosen new forced action mixer minus your machines trade in value,
  5. Once paid for, we will deliver your new forced action mixer to you.
If you have a used forced action mixer that you are wanting to trade in for a discount against one of our brand new forced action mixers, you can fill in the below submission form and a member of our team will get in touch. If you have any other questions about our mixers or our trade-in scheme then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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