How to clean the SoRoTo forced action mixer
Forced Action Mixers

How do you clean a forced action mixer?

It is important to note that this how-to guide contains steps which could potentially cause harm to persons and/or the machine. Absolute care must be taken when following these steps, the wearing of appropriate PPE such as safety goggles, gloves and respirator should be worn as a minimum and any cleaning agents or solvents should be used in accordance with their instructions. We do not accept any liability for loss or personal injury caused by following the steps within this post.

how to maintain and clean a forced action mixer

A forced action mixer should be cleaned after every use.

In order to save cleaning time at the end of the day, the mixer should be cleaned between resin bound mixes. This is to remove any excess resin so that it doesn’t stick to the mixer.

Cleaning the mixer ensures you keep it in high quality condition, to ensure maximum efficiency. It can also help the mixer stay long lasting.

SoRoTo mixer after use.
SoRoTo mixer after use.

Instructions for cleaning the forced action mixer

Follow these instructions to clean the SoRoTo forced action mixer:

Step 1: Ensure the discharge chute is free.

Step 2: Start the machine and add 1-2 bags of dried, plain aggregate, allowing the gravel to agitate the inside of the pan.

Step 3: Add white spirit or xylene to the dry aggregate with the mixer still in operation in order to help remove excess resin.

Step 4: Release the mixed aggregate into a suitable vessel such as a wheelbarrow or bucket and carefully dispose of the soiled aggregate.

Step 5: Remove the mixer head and paddles and clean separately.

Step 6: Brush out leftover gravel with a wire brush.

Step 7: Clean the pan using white spirit or xylene and a wire brush.

Step 8: If cured resin is persistent, a heat source such as a hot-air gun or a blowtorch can be used with a wallpaper scraper. Care must be taken not to apply direct heat to one area as this may cause non-metallic parts such as wiring insulation and plastic to melt.

Step 9: Replace the mixer head.

Step 10: Clean the outside of the mixer.

Release the aggregate from the machine
Step 4: Release the aggregate from the machine
Step 6: Brush out leftover gravel
Step 6: Brush out leftover gravel
Step 10: Clean the outside of the mixer
Step 10: Clean the outside of the mixer

Watch our video guide for cleaning the SoRoTo mixer

Important things to remember

There are a number of important points to consider both from a health and safety point of view and for the wellbeing of the machine:

  • No electrical parts should come into contact with water.
  • The mixer arms should be removed when cleaning, to ensure that material does not get caught between the shaft/axel and the mixer arms.
  • If the mixer has a lot of hard material stuck in the machine, it could be recommended to use an easy hammer or a gel hammer.
  • When mixing with glue or resin, you can burn or clean with very hot water.
  • Clean the mixer gate with a soft brush and some white spirit in between even mix to avoid the mixer gate becoming stuck.
  • If the mixer gate does get stuck, it can be heated with a hot airgun or a blow torch. When it has softed, it can be removed with a metal wallpaper scraper.
SoRoTo 40L Forced Action Mixer
SoRoTo 40L Forced Action Mixer

Product range

SoRoTo 40L: This is designed to be a super portable mixer for contractors who need a small but might machine. It can fit through doorways and up stairs. It completes mixes in four minutes per load, reducing the amount of time on site compared to a traditional rotary drum mixer.

SoRoTo 80L: This machine has the ability to mix up to 95kg of materials, whether it is plaster, concrete, render or mortar. It stands at one metre in height, so it can be easily moved and loaded into and out of a van.

SoRoTo 100L:This is for contractors who need to mix larger amounts of materials, up to 240kg. It is the most popular choice for resin bound installers as it is able to hold an industry standard 4 bag mix.

SoRoTo 120L: This ideal for almost any mixing job from resin bound gravel to wet pour rubber, liquid concrete and lime putty. The 120L has adjustable front legs and a 120 litre mixing capacity for the larger and more awkward of jobs.

SoRoTo 200L: The 200L is a larger mixer that can be easily transported and used on slanted and hard to reach areas. It has a mixing capacity of 468kg and a service life of 20 years.

SoRoTo 300L: This is one of the largest mixers on the market. It has the ability to mix up to 650kg and has three detachable, robust wheels to be easily transported around building sites.

SoRoTo 80L Forced Action Mixers
SoRoTo 80L Forced Action Mixer
Soroto 100L Forced Action Mixer
SoRoTo 100L Pan Mixer

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