Park Avenue Holiday Village Grass Road

Park Avenue Holiday Village – Case Study

Project Brief: Create all-weather grass roads for guests & visitors

Total Project Area: 500m²

Products Used: X-Grid

Park Avenue Holiday Village has many visitors during the open season, most of which arrive by car and need to drive around the park to unload their luggage at the holiday home. The ground was becoming increasingly muddy from high-volumes of vehicle traffic moving around on the site, as well as constant foot traffic adding to the issue. 

This meant the grass had no respite to regrow and establish a tight-knit surface. The issue intensified during wetter months and became sludgy during autumn and winter, causing access issues.

Turf damage on site
There were various areas around the park which needed improving in order to allow visitors to travel by car on the site. The contractors firstly excavated the ground, removing the top turf surface and down to a suitable depth. A ground stabilisation mesh was installed within the sub-base in order to help add more strength and stability to the soil base. This was then topped with a depth of MoT hardcore which is compacted to form a solid base layer and covered with a geotextile membrane to keep the individual layers separate. After levelling with a blinding layer of sharp sand, the X-Grid® was laid and filled with a mix of soil and grass seed. After a period of growth, the grass area then formed the grass access routes which can be used all year round.

After allowing the grass seed to grow, Park Avenue Holiday Village had a much more complete access route network, allowing their visitors and holiday makers to arrive at their holiday homes and unload their vehicles at the side of their home. In a stark contrast to previous years, these grassed roads now do not rut or become muddy and once the grass has matured, the X-Grid® is almost invisible while still providing a solid and stable surface for many years to come. The grass can be mowed over without any hindrance, allowing access for ride-on lawnmowers to maintain the access routes much more quickly and effectively.

X-Grid laid and filled with soil & seed

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