Things You Didn't Know About Rubber Mulch

Things You Didn’t Know About Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is one of the newest additions to our ever-growing product page. Available in 6 colours, this is the perfect rubber surfacing alternative to wooden mulch. In this blog, we will look at several topics to help you discover everything you need to know about mulch.

Our topics will include; what makes mulch so popular worldwide, how you can correctly install mulch in a number of ways, how past customers have used it and a number of frequently asked questions that should help in your decision-making process. 

Rubber and its advantages

Our mulch is manufactured from exclusively recycled tyres helping to reduce rubber waste before being covered in a durable coloured coating. You can choose from a wide range of coloured mulches including; beige, blue, brown, cedar grey, green and redwood, to ensure you have the most suitable choice for your upcoming project. Not only is our unique mulch incredibly versatile and environmentally friendly but also has a whole host of other benefits and advantages over its wooden counterpart.

Due to being crafted from purely recycled rubber and then mixed using a rubber binder, your mulch will not decompose over time and once installed, can be in place for up to 20 years. This is thanks to the rubber material used not absorbing water, allowing weeds to grow through or insects and pests to inhabit the mulch. Once the mulch has reached the end of its working life, it can then be recycled and used to create even more new products!

Mulch can be laid loose but it is highly recommended that it is mixed with a unique resin binder in a forced action mixer (this is covered in greater detail later on). This mixed material is then laid onto a pre-prepared surface and trowelled evenly to create a compact and solid surface ideal for playgrounds, pathways, flower beds and so much more. The use of a resin binder when installing mulch prevents migration when used or in high winds which in turn reduces the need for constant maintenance.

What can Rubber mulch be used for?

Playground Flooring

The most common use for rubber mulch is to provide safe surfaces under and around play areas & play equipment. When installed to the correct specification, it provides a critical fall height of up to 3 meters high, making it ideal for spaces where children will be climbing on playground equipment.

The variety of colours also allows you to create a vibrant playground flooring to match up with your play equipment. When mixed together with resin and correctly laid there will be little to no migration, unlike wooden mulch where it is commonly kicked around and brought up when walked and played on. This reduces your maintenance efforts and also eliminates the chances of splinters occurring!

Flower Bed Flooring

Alongside practical applications, mulch also works perfectly when looking to provide a visually appealing top-covering for flower beds. The colour variety allows you to choose the most suitable mulch to compliment your choice of plants. 

As rubber doesn’t absorb water, more water is able to drain naturally into the soil beneath and to the roots of flowers and plants. With the use of weed membranes when installing, mulch systems will help to prevent weeds and pests from growing up and in the flower beds, keeping your growing area clear and clear of weeds!


Our recycled rubber mulch is ideal for providing unique pathways without ruining the natural aesthetics of the surrounding area. Mulch is able to provide a natural looking path without the issues that may arise with the use of wooden mulch. Normally when wooden mulch is used on pathways there is the potential issue of pieces migrating when used, creating exposed spaces and mess around the path. However, with rubber this is not the case thanks to being bound, there is little chance of migration.

When correctly installed also still allows wheelchair access and provides greater stability for running and cycling routes, in turn helping to prevent access issues, falls and injuries.

Rubber mulch

Recycled, safe & simple to install rubber surfacing solution

Installing Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch can be quickly installed if needed and produces minimal disruption to the existing ground and site as it can be installed onto almost any level surface. However, to achieve the maximum safety potential of mulch with a superb critical fall height rating excavating, ground preparation and a thicker mulch layer is required. Mulch is typically mixed in a forced action mixer with the use of a specific resin binder before being hand trowelled to create smooth and safe surfaces which prevent tripping and allow wheelchair access. Below you will find a basic installation guide for mulch:

  1. To begin your installation, you must prepare the ground if this is needed. Ensure that your area has been excavated to the correct depth and levelled.
  2. Optional: Prepare an edging system to prevent your mulch from being installed out of its bounds. If you are installing onto soil or grass you instead can dig down and fill the area to meet the current height of the surrounding surface and no edges will be required.
  3. Once the area has been excavated and levelled, lay a woven membrane over the entire area to prevent weed growth.
  4. Add your bags of chosen mulch into your forced action mixer before adding your binder and mixing the two for between 4 and 6 minutes to ensure all of the material has been suitably covered.
  5. Transfer your now mixed material to a wheelbarrow if needed before pouring into the required area and beginning to spread using hand trowels with downward pressure. Be sure to regularly wipe clean all tools to keep them clean. Once roughly spread out, apply your trowel again to create a smooth top surface.
  6. Once installed, the area should cure after 24 hours but should not be used until at least 72 hours have passed.

Rubber Mulch Maintenance

Whilst saving you time in overall maintenance, our mulch will still require a certain level of regular care to ensure normal wear and tear and UV exposure does not lead to the surface breaking down, the colour coating breaking down or the base being exposed, which as a result could lead to black marks being left on users. To prevent this you can follow these steps: 

  1. Only allow appropriate footwear to be used on your mulch surface (high heels and studs can easily damage the surface).
  2. Sweep leaves and other debris away from your mulch surface.
  3. Clean the surface with hot water (not boiling) and soap to remove stains or mud when required.
  4. Remove singular weeds or plants by hand.
  5. Re-coat the surface routinely to cover the mulch and prevent any potential colour markings.  

Frequently asked questions

Measure your potential project area and use those dimensions with the mulch calculator on any of our mulch product pages to find out exactly how much mulch and binder you will need for your job.

Our unique mulch is crafted from entirely recycled rubber before being applied a durable coloured coating.

If installed correctly, used as advised and maintained well, our mulch can last for up to 20 years before being recycled at the end of its working life.

Yes, our mulch is crafted from rubber and is perfectly safe and is used as flooring in and around playgrounds and play areas where children play.

How can I buy Rubber Mulch?

Our superb range of rubber mulch is available to purchase online now via the GCL Products website. Simply add the required amount of mulch to your basket with the correct amount of resin (use the on page calculator if needed) and follow the instructions at checkout before waiting for your mulch to be delivered!

As always, if you would like any advice on the suitability of any of our rubber products for your project, please do not hesitate to contact Neal Gaskell, our Safety Surfacing Sales Specialist.

You can call Neal on 01246 418144 or LiveChat with him during office hours, outside of these times you can leave a message and you will be contacted upon our return to the office.

Neal Gaskell

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