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Rubber Tiles For Glynhir Golf Club

Project Brief: Create All weather tees on all 18 holes of Glynhir golf course

Total Project Area: 75m²

Products Used: 280 Green & 20 Black Rubber TIles

Golf is usually a fair weather sport, with the most rounds played during our dryer and warmer summer months. This can be an issue for golf clubs once the rain does arrive with people avoiding playing as the ground may not be suitable. 

Luckily for members at the Glynhir Golf Club, Graham has been thinking ahead and has actually planned to install all weather tees on each hole on the Welsh course meaning that you can enjoy your golf almost all year round!

Read on to see why and how the golf club used our rubber tiles to create their tee off spots:

Choosing Rubber Tiles

Graham contacted us as he had a rough idea on how he wanted to create his all weather tees but wanted to make sure that the product he had chosen would work for his intended use. Based in Carmarthenshire, a little north of Swansea, Glynhir Golf Club encounters a larger amount of rain during the winter (and occasionally the summer) meaning the course is not suitable to be played on.

This is why Graham and the club decided to create all weather tees to keep the start of each hole in top condition even when played on in the worst of weather. Our fully recycled rubber tiles were selected as the most suitable product for creating the tees and a large number of both green and black tiles were ordered to the club.

Graham told us that he chose our rubber tiles as the product to use as they needed a system which was non-slip, easy to wash down and could be easily replaced if damaged. All of these benefits are achievable using our rubber tiles.

Installing Rubber Tiles

Graham and his installation team unpacked their delivered rubber tiles and divided them up equally to ensure they could cover all 18 tees. Graham then talked us through how they prepared the tees before installing their rubber tiles:

“We excavated the tee area and laid in new tanalised railway sleepers on a layer of concrete to form the perimeter of the tee. From here a layer of hardcore was laid in the area and a 3 inch concrete screed was laid on top and this finished flat 1 inch below the level of the sleepers. We left the 1 inch gap to form a recess for the tiles to sit in and be flush against sleepers.”

From this point, the team began installing the rubber tiles around the edge of each tee which left an even square area in the middle of each tee. Graham told us how the rubber tiles were very simple to install using the interlocking pegs which attached neighbouring tiles together and prevented separation. A small amount of rubber adhesive was also used on the bottom of each tile to reinforce the tiles and prevent even the smallest amount of movement. Finally, a heavy duty astro turf driving mat could be installed in to the area left open. This was then repeated on the remaining 17 holes!


 The entire golf club is delighted with their brand new all weather tees. Graham was especially pleased they had been able to create a tee which was non-slip, easy to wash and replace if needed too. The club now has tees for use all year round regardless of the weather which is a fantastic benefit for the club.

We would like to thank Graham and all of Glynhir Golf Club for first of all choosing to use our rubber tiles to create their all weather tees and also for sharing the photos and details of their installation to allow us to create this case study. If you have questions regarding our rubber tiles or any of our other products then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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