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SoRoTo 120L Lime Plaster Mixer Testimonial

SoRoTo forced action mixers are one of the most popular brands of mixer on the market, with people using our mixers for a wide range of applications including resin bound gravel, concrete, render, plastering and so much more.

This blog comes courtesy of Dan at The Organic Plastering Company. After purchasing a SoRoTo 120L forced action mixer and being blown away by its fantastic capabilities, Dan spoke to us and told us what he and his team thought of their new mixer. Watch the below YouTube video and continue reading to find out exactly what the team think of their SoRoTo mixer.

About The SoRoTo Lime Plaster Mixer

Dan from Organic Plastering Company is delighted with his choice of a SoRoTo lime plaster mixer. We asked for his honest opinion on his new pan mixer and he told us the following:

“This is the best mixer I have used. In my opinion it is far better than the Baron which is shabby and flimsy by comparison. The mixer is very easy to man handle, one man is needed to move it in and out of the van.”

All SoRoTo pan mixers are specially designed and manufactured with durability in mind to ensure they can continue to perform even on the harshest and most demanding work sites. Whilst being tough and durable, the 120L can also be moved by just one person thanks to its lightweight body and easy-load wheels which allows it to be loaded on and off of vehicles with ease.

“Great mixing capacity, two good wheel barrows full of render in each mix. The mixing action is lovely and chops up the lime putty with ease… Well worth the extra cost compared to a Baron E120 which doesn’t hold or mix as much material.”

The 120L has 4 mixing arms which ensures every bit of the pan can be reached and no material is left unmixed as this can be the case with other mixers having less arms. Along with the great mixing performance, the 120 litre mixer also holds and mixes exactly 120 litres meaning you get more material from each mix performed. As Dan said previously, he is able to get 2 full wheelbarrows of lime putty from just one mix which is a fantastic amount of material to be able to produce at one time.

“If your choice is between these 2 mixers, buy the SoRoTo. It is the original and the best.”

About The Organic Plastering Company

The Organic Plastering Company are specialists in traditional Lime Plastering which is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material used for rendering. Lime is a popular choice due to its fantastic benefits compared to the more commonly used sand and cement method:
  • It is permeable and regulates humidity more effectively than sand and cement,
  • Will hold excess moisture from a wet or damp area before quickly releasing it as the humidity drops to reduces moisture,
  • Is flexible and will not crack due to seasonal changes,
  • Plaster and render should not be harder than the backing surface and lime putty is not.
Organic Plastering work on all types of buildings including but not limited to:
  • Homes, apartments, cottages, town houses & private properties,
  • Grade listed or of architectural & historical interest buildings,
  • Hotels, retail outlets, entertainment complexes, pubs and restaurants,
  • NHS & Government owned hospitals, schools, care homes and office buildings.
The Organic Plastering team work within Bath, Somerset and surrounding areas, you can see examples of their work in this blog. For more information or a quote for an upcoming project, visit the Organic Plastering Company website or call them on 07796138964.

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