Soroto mixer in use
Forced Action Mixers

How do you use a forced action mixer?

The ultimate guide to using a Soroto forced action mixer

In the resin bound trade, as well as many other industries, a forced action mixer that is reliable, durable and long-lasting is important.

SoRoTo forced action mixers carry many benefits. They have a best in class reputation for performance and quality, they are highly practical and have a proven record at saving customers’ time.

But how do you use one? This blog post explains.

SoRoTo in use
The forced action mixer is durable and long-lasting.

Setting up the forced action mixer

Pan mixers are ideal for mixing all kinds of materials used in the building industry. The machines are suitable for tasks where high demands are imposed on the quality of the mix.

What to do before use

Before the mixer is started, the telescopic legs must be positioned for the right height for draining into a bucket or wheelbarrow. To do this, lay down the mixer on all four wheels and adjust the legs. These are released and locked with fitted lock splits and bolts.

Before the power is connected, the mixer arms must be set in place and the lid must be closed. The safety grid in front of the mixer gate should be attached at all times. 

SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer Bucket Holder
The mixer is easy to set ip. The telescopic legs must be positioned at the correct height and draining.

Operating the pan mixer

Close the lid and using the rubber strap, ensure it is locked into place.

Start the mixer by pressing the green START button on the protective motor switch. Then pour the desired material into the drum and liquid.

When the material has reached the desired consistency and the mixing has finished, the drum is emptied by opening the mixer gate.

The material may set in the mixing drum if left too long.

SoRoTo Pan Mixer Lid
The SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer is easy to use.

Cleaning the mixer

To clean the mixer, ensure that the plug is removed from the socket.

Next, open the lid and lift the mixing blades off the axle. The mixer arms can be easily removed without using tools.

Wash the mixer arms and the entire drum using water. At the end of the clean, place the mixer arms onto the axle and close the lid.

SoRoTo Mixer Paddles
The mixer can be cleaned by removing the mixer arms and washing with water.

Transporting the mixer

To transport the mixer, place it onto four wheels. Close the lid and lock it with the rubber strap.

Forced Action Mixers easy to transport
The range of SoRoTo mixers are easy to move around and load into vehicles.

Technical guide

SoRoTo 40:
Motor: 230V/110V – 0.75kW – 50 Hz
W/L/H: 60 x 60 x 85 cm
Mixing capacity: 40L
Weight: 64kg
LAeq<75dB(A) with mortar

SoRoTo 80L:
Motor: 240V/110V – 1.1kW – 50 Hz
W/L/H: 60 x 75 x 106 cm
Mixing capacity: 80L
Weight: 88kg
LAeq<75dB9A) with mortar

SoRoTo 100L:
Motor: 240V/110V – 1.1kW – 50 Hz
W/L/H: 68 x 80 x 106 cm
Mixing capacity: 100L
Weight: 98kg
LAeq<75dB(A) with mortar

SoRoTo 120L:
Motor: 240V/110V – 1.1kW – 50 Hz
W/L/H: 72 x 95 x 118 cm
Weight: 105kg
LAeq<75dB(A) with mortar

Part guide to SoRoTo mixers

guide to mixing resin bound aggregates using a forced action mixer

To mix resin bound aggregates with a forced action mixer, follow the instructions below:

  1. Place one 25kg bag of 2-5mm aggregates and a 25kg bag of 1-3mm aggregates into the mixer.
  2. Add the pre-mixed resin and start the stopwatch.
  3. Add two more 25kg bags of 2.5mm aggregates into the mix.
  4. Slowly add the contents of the C52 sand.
  5. Mixing should take no more than five minutes once the resin has been added. Steps 2-4 must always be mixed for the same duration during every mix for consistency.
  6. Once the sand has been added, make sure it is distributed evenly throughout the mix.
  7. When ready, empty the full mix into a wheelbarrow.
  8. Switch the mixer off and take all the mix from the bottom of the mix. Ensure you are careful when removing all the mix from the blades and the mixer opening.
Soroto mixer in use
The pan mixer in action.

Browse the product range

SoRoTo 80L: This mixer is designed for portability. Fitted with wheels and weighing just 88kg it can be moved to where it is needed. It has a mixing capacity of 195kg and is ideal for concrete, plaster and adhesive.

SoRoTo 100L: This is the most popular mixer for resin bound gravel because of consistency and speed. It can mix more thoroughly through the internal paddles and it weighs 98kg.

SoRoTo 120L: The 120L is built to withstand the toughest environments. It has a durable design and is perfect for contractors who need high-capacity output machines that are portable and reliable.

SoRoTo 80L Forced Action Mixers
The 80L SoRoTo Mixer


The SoRoTo forced action mixer is easy to use and is suitable for a wide range of mixing applications.

It is easy to set up, operate, clean and move around. 

To download the SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer manual click here.


Soroto 120L Forced Action Mixer
The 120L Forced Action Mixer

Where to find out more

To find out more information, call us our helpful customer service team on 01246 418144, speak to us on webchat or email us here.

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