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How to choose the best forced action mixer

choosing the forced action mixer

Forced Action Mixers are used to combine almot any multi-part construction materials.

Mixing materials can include lime putty, render, resin bound gravel, sand and cements, paints, epoxy resins, mortar, concrete and screed.

The ability to mix all of these different materials eliminates the need to carry around several different types of machinery which are often too heavy, bulky, noisy, unpredictable or inefficient.

Things to consider

A forced action mixer can be one of the largest outlays to your business.

When deciding on the best mixer it is important to choose a product that is high performing, durable, has longevity and there is support available in case anything goes wrong.

Service life: The higher the service life, the greater the confidence in the mixer. This includes the length of warranty, technical support and access to spare parts. SoRoTo Mixers have a 24-month warranty (twice the industry standard), access to technical advance and spare parts in the UK for quick and easy access.

Product features: To mix a solution such as resin bound, you need an extremely powerful mixer, but one that meets capabilities so that you don’t need to invest in an additional transformer. The SoRoTo 100L is ideal for mixing average sized resin. It is one size fits all as the 1.1kW motor allows the use of a standard transformer and no extra response. 

Price: The forced action mixer should give value for money. The SoRoTo 100L is an affordable product on the market and with high quality to match.

Soroto mixer in use

Soroto Forced Action Mixers

The SoRoTo forced action mixer is one of the best designed pieces of construction material in the world.

It has the ability to mix a huge range of resources and has consistently performed with unmatched efficiency since it was originally designed in 1986.

It was designed to be super-portable and powered by an electric motor which can be plugged into a standard outlet. This means it can be used inside, outside, upstairs or in cellars.

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Soroto 40l

The SoRoTo 40L is designed to be a super portable mixer for contractors who need a small but mighty machine.

It is able to mix up to 95kg of materials including plaster, concrete, render and mortar. Due to 40L being narrow, light and able to fit through doorways and be transported upstairs, it can be used exactly where you need it.

It can mix mortar, concrete, plaster, wet pour rubber crumb or render in under four minutes, reducing the amount of time on site compared to a traditional rotary drum mixer.

View the SoRoTo 40L

SoRoTo 40L Forced Action Mixer
SoRoTo 40L Forced Action Mixer

Soroto 80L

The SoRoTo 80L is designed for contractors who are carrying out larger repair or installing new buildings.

The mixer is designed to fit through most standard doorways, unlike traditional drum mixers, and it can be transported to the exact area of working. 

Easy-load transportation rollers means loading into the back of a van or onto a pickup flatbed is simple and can be done with relative ease by a single person.

Optional rubber paddles help to prolong the life of your mixing paddles.

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SoRoTo 80L Forced Action Mixers
SoRoTo 80L Forced Action Mixers

Soroto 100L

The SoRoTo 100L is ideal for contractors who need to mix larger amounts (up to 240kg) of materials. This includes mortar, render, lime putty, plaster, screed and concrete.

The benefit of the 100L is that it can be taken where it is needed. It is the most popular choice for resin bound installers as it is able to hold an industry standard 4 bag mix, which produces enough material to give a small team enough time to work material into place before the curing process begins.

It is light and narrow enough to fit through standard doorways and be taken where it is needed, this saves time.

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Order the SoRoTo 100L

Soroto 100L Forced Action Mixer
SoRoTo 100L Forced Action Mixer

Soroto 120L

The SoRoTo 120L is suitable for any task from resin bound gravel to wet pour rubber, liquid concrete and lime putty.

The forced action mixer has specially designed arms to reach places other pan mixers can only dream of.

It has a single phase 100v/1.1Kw motor, delivering 30RPM  meaning the machine can last all day long. 

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Soroto 120L Forced Action Mixer
Soroto 120L Forced Action Mixer

Soroto 200L

The SoRoTo 200L is incredibly versatile and is suitable for multiple jobs including concrete, resin bound gravel, lime mortar, liquid screed and wet pour rubber.

Unlike other large pan mixers, the 200L can be easily transported and used on slanted and hard to reach areas due to its lightweight frame and adjustable legs.

It has a mixing capacity of 468kg, a service life of up to 20 years and the accessibility to use the mixer on uneven surfaces.

Try the SoRoTo 200L Forced Action Mixer

Soroto 200L Forced Action Mixer
Soroto 200L Forced Action Mixer

Soroto 300L

The SoRoTo 300L is equipped with three detachable, robust wheels and an adjustable pole making it easy to transport around building sites.

This larger mixer allows you to prepare vast quantities of material ready to lay in as little as five minutes.

The specifically designed mixing arms and paddles allow this mixer to be used for a variety of materials and provide a quality mix from start to finish.

Order the SoRoTo 300L

SoRoTo 300L Forced Action Mixer
SoRoTo 300L Forced Action Mixer


The forced action mixer is one of the largest outlays to your business. Their ability to mix a huge range of materials ensure they are indispensable to many industries.

The best forced action mixer for your needs depends on the quantity of materials that you are mixing and your required features, such as the need to transport the mixer by crane around a building site.

SoRoTo has 35 years of experience in manufacturing and supply. They offer a wide range of features including a durable design and easy transportation.

Additional features, such as an optional dust controller can be added to improve workplace health. Rubber paddles can also be added to improve the lifespan of the mixer.

Choose from a forced action mixer that is built for easy portability to our largest mixers suitable for mixing up to 650kg on building sites.

For more information give us a call.

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