1220w Paddle Mixer

Product Spotlight: 1220w Paddle Mixer

The Ultimate Guide to the SoRoTo 1220w Paddle Mixer

The 1220w Paddle Mixer can be used with a SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer when working with resin bound gravel – as they can combine two separate parts of epoxy resin.

It can be used to blend building materials, such as plaster, render and concrete. When used in a builder’s tub, the mixer drill can form a smooth and consistent mix without the need for a large piece of machinery.

We take a look at the 1220 Paddle Mixer in this week’s Product Spotlight.

1220w Paddle Mixer
1220w Paddle Mixer

What is the 1220w Paddle Mixer?

The 1220w Paddle Mixer is a robust and durable semi-professional mixer drill.

The mixer draws the material via the rotating blades to ensure a consistent and lump-free mixture.

The SoRoTo mixer is equipped with a 1220w motor and two-speed gearbox. It s ideal for contractors who need a mixer for blending plaster, mortar, paint or epoxy.


What are uses for the 1220 Paddle Mixer?

The Paddle Mixer can be used as the following:

Plaster Mixer: The mixer drill is best coupled with the following in order to generate and smooth and consistent mix: GA90K / GA120K / GA120 / GA140.

Mortar Mixer: When mixing mortar the drill is best paired with the following whisks for a consistent finish: GA90K / GA120K / GA120 / GA140.

Paint Mixer: The paint mixer is couple with the following for best effectiveness: BA60R / BA70K / BA80K / BA85K / BA95K / BA100K.

The whisks are inverted to ensure mixing in a builder’s tub or bucket is easier. This is because it reduces the amount of time (and twisting). This is due to the whisks of the paddles coming into contact with the side of the container.

Forced Action Mixers can be used in plastering
The 1220w Mixer is ideal for plasterers

Where is the 1220w Paddle Mixer used?

The mixer drill can form a smooth and consistent mix without the need for a large piece of machinery.

This capability is a great benefit to contractors who tend to work indoors, such as plasterers who need to whisk their materials inside while keeping the area relatively clean.

It is suitable for applications of paints, varnishes, emulsion and adhesives.

1220w Paddle Mixer is ideal for painters and decorators
The 1220w Paddle Mixer is suitable for painters and decorators

What are the key features of the 1220w Paddle Mixer?

Soft-grip handle:The soft-grip handle means for a comfortable holding position while the mixer is in use.

Soft start: The soft start helps to prevent cast off. It acts to prevent the mixture does not overflow, giving the user increased control.

Gearbox: The all-metal two-speed gearbox outputs either 480 or 800rpm depending on the application. 

Extras: The mixer comes with: chuck with adaptor for edged whisks; adaptor M14-M14 for use with special types of whisks with inside thread; and a GA120 whisk.

The 1220w Paddle Mixer Soft Grip Handle
The 1220w Paddle Mixer Soft Grip Handle

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