Forced Action Mixers easy to transport
Forced Action Mixers

SoRoTo Forced Action mixers fit where others don’t

Forced action mixers you can take where you need

SoRoTo forced action mixers are one of the most popular brands of mixer on the market.

These mixers are used in a range of industries, including for resin bound gravel, concrete, render, plastering and more.

One thing that makes it so popular are the mixers ability to be taken where it is needed. This blog post will explain the features that make this possible.

SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer building site

Lightweight body

SoRoTo mixers are built for portability. 

The smallest 40L mixer weighs just 64kg. This means that it is easy to lean the mixer onto its wheels and push and pull it where it is needed.

SoRoTo 40L Forced Action Mixer
The SoRoTo 40L weighs just 64kg so is easy to move around.

Easy-load wheels

The SoRoTo pan mixers are fitted with easy-load transportation rollers on the top of the machine.

This means the mixer can be laid on its size. These rollers then it can be moved into the back of a van or onto a pickup flatbed is simple.

This can be done with relative ease and by a single person.

SoRoTo 100L Wheels
Fitted wheels means it is easy to move the mixer between rooms.

Designed to fit through most standard doorways

SoRoTo mixers are built to be narrow and light, so it can easily fit through standard doorways.

This means the mixer can be taken where it is needed.

Soroto 100L with wheelbarrow
The Forced Action Mixers are small enough to fit through doors - saving carrying tasks

move upstairs with ease

The pan mixer is lightweight and with easy-lift handles it can be moved upstairs or taken downstairs to cellars.

This means it can be used inside for plastering or masonry work.

Gripfoot is used in stair nosings
The mixer can be taken up and down stairs.

Other features

A SoRoTo Mixer is the  is built for durability. 

It features a carefully selected gearbox and motor, which are designed for use in almost all environments, the operating temperature range far exceeds normal conditions and they are designed to endure a harsh life on work sites. The machines are designed to stand the test of time.

The mixers have adjustable front legs for the most awkward of jobs.

The mixers work quickly and efficiently to combine aggregates and resin, allowing resin installers the maximum amount of time to work or trowel the product into place.

On larger mixers, three lifting rings allow the mixer to be moved around by cranes on larger building sites.

The forced action mixers

SoRoTo 40L: The 40L is a small but mighty mixer. It has the ability to mix up to 95kg of materials. For mixing concrete, mortar, wet pour crumb, render or mortar, the forced action mixer can complete the task in just under four minutes, reducing the total time you spend on site.  

SoRoTo 80L: The 80L can be used to mix concrete, mortar, liquid screed, wet pour rubber crumb or self-levelling epoxies. It is perfect for contractors who need a high-capacity output machine that is efficient, portable and reliable. 

SoRoTo 100L:The 100L is the most popular ideal for resin bound gravel. It is suitable for mixing large amounts (up to 240kg) and can fit through standard doorways.

SoRoTo 120L: The 120L is ideal for almost any mix job. Due to its single phase 100v/1.1Kw motor, delivering 30RPM the machine is able to last all day long.

SoRoTo 200L: The 200L has a specially selected 2.2kW motor, delivering 30RPM means it performs well in almost any circumstances. 

SoRoTo 300L: The 300L has the ability to mix up to 650kg of mixture in as little as five minutes. It is equipped with three detachable, robust wheels and an ajustastable pole and can be moved by cranes on building sites.

SoRoTo 80L Forced Action Mixers
SoRoTo 80L Forced Action Mixers
SoRoTo 300L Forced Action Mixer
SoRoTo 300L Forced Action Mixer

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