Steel Blue & Glacier Resin Bound Gravel Driveway - Featured Image

Steel Blue & Glacier Resin Bound Gravel Driveway Installation

Project Brief: Produce an attractive, Strong, low-maintenance and SuDs compliant driveway 

Total Project Area: 56m²

Product Used: PermaBound Resin Bound Gravel Kits – Steel blue & glacier Blends

In this case study, we explore a recent PermaBound resin bound gravel driveway installation project completed by White Bridge Construction. The homeowner approached the White Bridge team with a desire to replace their existing driveway with an attractive, fully SuDs-compliant, low-maintenance and long-lasting surfacing solution that would improve the property’s aesthetics.

White Bridge Construction proposed the installation of a resin bound gravel driveway, a modern surfacing option known for its durability, permeability and aesthetic charm which would tick all of the client’s boxes.

The White Bridge team showed their client the full range of available colour blends with a PermaBound Sample Case. Having samples on hand is a huge benefit to installers and clients, as seeing the blends in person and in place ensures the perfect blend is selected for each project. After seeing samples, a decision was made to install a resin bound gravel driveway using a stunning combination of Steel Blue with a Glacier border.

This driveway installation began with a thorough sub-surface preparation. The existing driveway was carefully removed, and replaced with a permeable tarmac surface which provided the perfect level base for the new resin bound gravel surface.

The next stage of the installation was for the team to begin laying the resin bound material. 

One team member oversaw the mixing of the components, combining PermaBound resin binder, four bags of specialist gravel, and a bag of sand which were mixed in a SoRoTo forced action mixer.

Once the material was correctly mixed, the resin bound gravel was carefully transferred from the resin mixer and transported to the next designated installation area using a wheelbarrow.

With the material in place, the second team member began the initial spread of the material using a spazzle. This step was crucial in ensuring the gravel achieved the correct depth, priming it for the subsequent hand-trowelling phase.

Finally, the third team member commenced the hand-trowelling process using specialised trowels from The Resin Bull. This meticulous hand-trowelling stage was imperative in achieving a compact, even and flawlessly smooth finish to the surface.

This process was repeated and followed exactly until the entire driveway was completed, with the materials mixed for precisely the same duration each time and the same level of rough spreading and hand-troweling applied to each section. The team’s unwavering attention to detail ensured the creation of a modern, attractive, level and SuDs compliant surface for their client which will stand the test of time.

White Bridge Construction’s expertise in recommending and installing a resin bound gravel driveway not only met, but exceeded the client’s expectations!

The completed driveway transformation is outstanding and has not only improved the appearance of the client’s property but also provided a durable and low-maintenance parking solution. The combination of the PermaBound blends, Steel Blue and Glacier, worked perfectly for the client’s home!

Our client is over the moon with the end result of their new resin bound gravel driveway!

We as installers were also incredibly impressed with the PermaBound material!

If you’re considering a resin bound gravel surface for your home or commercial property, the PermaBound team and our huge number of approved installers, based all around the UK, are ready to make your wishes a reality.

Please contact us by calling 01246 418144 or LiveChat with us during office hours, outside of these times you can leave us a message.

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