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Forced Action Mixers

Why choose a forced action mixer over a cement mixer

Forced action mixer vs a cement mixer

According to Professional Builder magazine: “The cement mixer is the preferred mixer in most parts of the world – because they don’t know an alternative exists.”

Forced Action Mixers are that alternative. These are fitted with a powerful and strong motor allowing you to cut the mixing time in half. 

But that’s not the only reason for choosing a forced action pan mixer. This blog post explains.

Soroto 100L Forced Action Mixer at Organic Plastering Company
SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer

what is a forced action mixer?

The SoRoTo forced action mixer is adept at mixing almost any kind of multi-part construction materials.

It is used used when mixing lime putty, render, resin bound gravel, sand and cement, paints, epoxy resins, mortar, concrete and screeds.

It was designed to be super-portable and powered by an electric motor which can be plugged into a standard outlet.

This means that this mixer can be used wherever it is needed: inside, outside, upstairs or in cellars.

Soroto Forced Action Mixer
A SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer is suitable for use in a wide range of applications.

What is a cement mixer?

The rotating drum mixer is one of the most common machines on construction sites.

This type of mixer is most suitable for mixing sand and cement or concrete mix. It features a drum with two fixed arms or blades inside that rotate to combine the different materials.

However, it’s a common misconception that it can be used to efficiently mix any type of construction material.

This is associated with the inefficient and simple method of mixing. It is only truly suitable for mixing smooth, non-viscous materials.

You can read more about other types of mixer here.

A cement mixer in action

the advantages of a forced action mixer

Forced action mixers improve speed and mxing capabilities.

Using a forced action mixer, you get the same good result each time and in a small amount of time, usually under give minutes. 

The speed benefit means you can spend extra time doing other tasks, making your work more efficient and productive.

Forced action pan mixers are more suited than a concrete mixer for mixing earth-moist concrete. The mixer can blend so well that it can absorb the water while ensuring the solution is lump-free.

Forced Action Mixers easy to transport
This type of mixer is easy for one person to transport it to where it is needed

Benefits of Soroto

SoRoTo are the leading brand for forced action mixers.

The ‘Original mixer’ was founded in 1986 and is one of the best designed pieces of construction machinery in the world. It has consistently performed with unmatched efficiency.

It has the ability to mix all different types of materials. This eliminates the need to carry around and even own different types of machinery – that could be heavy, bulky, noise, unpredictable or inefficient.

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SoRoTo 40L This has a mixing capcity of 40L and 98kg. It is designed for transporting as it is lightweight and small enough to fit through doors – take it exactly where you need it. It a relatively light machine and at one metre in height it can be loading into and out of a van or pickup by one person.

SoRoTo 100L: This is our most popular mixer. It is narrow enough to fit through standard doorways, and can be taken to where it is needed and can mix up to 240kg of materials including plaster, screed and concrete.

SoRoTo 300L: This mixer can withstand some some of the harshest environments on building sites. It is perfect for contractors who need high-capacity output machines that are portable and reliable. The three lifting rings allow the mixer to be moved around by cranes on large building sites.

Browse Forced Action Mixers here.

SoRoTo 40L Forced Action Mixer
SoRoTo 40L Pan Mixer


The pan mixer or forced action mixer is most is popular for preparation of non-cementitious materials.

They can be used for a large range of materials, including resin boound aggregates, screed/grouting materials and plaster.

The mixing action is achieved by paddles which are rotated within a fixed drum. The blades force their way through the material to ensure a thorough mix of all the materials.

SoRoTo is the original forced action mixer with 35 years of experience. The forced action mixers above are robust and durable, but also designed for transport to any location they are needed.

Soroto 120L at Green and Blue UK
SoRoTo 120L (right) at Blue & Green UK

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