PermaBound Riviera & Steel Blue Driveway Installation - Featured Image

PermaBound Riviera & Steel Blue Driveway Installation

Project Brief: Replace An Old Drive With An attractive, Low Maintenance, Fully Permeable and Durable PermaBound driveway 

Total Project Area: 115m²

Products Used:
• PermaBound Resin Bound Kits
• BoundFast Catalyst
• SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer
• The Resin Bull 500LT Trowel
• Aluminium Resin Bound Trim

In this case study we explore a resin bound gravel driveway created by GR Groundworks who were tasked with replacing their customer’s old and deteriorating driveway with a stunning PermaBound surface. The heart of home transformations lie with the driveway, adding curb appeal to your property! Read on to discover the full process of creating a beautiful PermaBound driveway.

After being shown the bespoke PermaBound sample case and having the ability to see the blends up close in person, the customer was certain of their selection of Rivieria as the central blend and Steel Blue for the border and pathways alongside the house. These were carefully selected to complement and elevate the property’s aesthetic.

The team at GR Groundworks began the project by digging up and removing the existing worn-out driveway which had begun showing obvious signs of deterioration.

With the old surface removed, a strong hardcore foundation was created before block paving edges were laid to create a large step at the front door. Onto the hardcore, a concrete sub-base was then meticulously laid, providing a strong surface onto which the PermaBound surface could be installed. To allow two blends of resin bound gravel to be installed side-by-side, dural aluminium edging trims were secured to the concrete surface to create a separation between the two colours.

With the preparation work completed to a very high standard, the PermaBound surface could now begin to be installed.

The team set their project up perfectly with each separate mix stacked up, four bags of specialist stone, our high-quality PermaBound resin binder and a bag of sand.

The first member of the GR team skillfully handled all of the projects mixing with the use of their SoRoTo forced action mixer. For each mix, he added the same amount of BoundFast Catalyst to the resin binder, the catalyst is used for reducing resin curing times in colder weather. He added the gravel, catalysed resin binder and KLCP sand to the SoRoTo mixer, mixing each batch for exactly the same amount of time.

The mixed PermaBound material was then carefully decanted into a wheelbarrow by the second team member, transported to the next designated installation area and roughly spread out.

The third team member then took charge, employing hand-troweling techniques using The Resin Bull’s 500LT double-handled trowel to craft this PermaBound driveway. The installation commenced with the Steel Blue border and paths being laid before the main Glacier driveway area was troweled.

GR Groundworks proficiency didn’t happen overnight. Years of experience paired with the invaluable insight and detail discovered through attending the PermaBound training course equipped the team with the ability to produce the perfect PermaBound surfaces.

The combination of premium resin bound materials and superb craftsmanship resulted in a stunning, functional and durable PermaBound driveway that has elevated the customer’s home!

If you’re considering a PermaBound surface for your home or property, the PermaBound team can help convert your visions into a reality.

Please contact us by calling 01246 418144 or LiveChat with us during office hours, outside of these times you can leave us a message.

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