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Sand added to resin bound gravel installations for improved adhesion and anti-slip

Product Information
  • Covers 3.3m² per 6.25kg bag (approx)
  • Kiln-dried for a low moisture content
  • Sold in 6.25kg bags
  • Adds Anti-Slip layer to installations

£2.00 exc. VAT

£2.4 inc. VAT
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Most commonly used in resin bound gravel mixes, this finely graded (0.2-0.36mm) sand is kiln-dried to ensure the lowest moisture content possible to reduce the risk of reaction with polyurethane resin binders. It can be added to the mix in a forced action mixer or sprinkled over the upper surface when still tacky. The KLCP sand can help to further improve the strength of resin bound gravel surfacing or add texture to provide an anti-slip surface. This can be most useful when laying a resin bound gravel driveway which is on an incline to prevent tyres or feet from slipping on the surface.

Typical applications require one 6.25kg bag to be used per 100kg resin mix and will add anti-slip to approximately 3.3m² when the resin bound gravel mix is laid at a depth of 18mm.

KLCP Sand 6.25kg

KLCP sand is a pure silica industrial sand.

The fine dry sand is graded to 0.2mm to 0.3mm and it is used in many applications. It can be mixed with resin bound formulations to give increased skid resistance or for casting over resin bound surfaces. It can also give skid resistance to sloping surfaces or heavier wear areas.

Silica Sand

Silica sand is used in a wide range of industrial, sports and leisure industries.

Typical applications include water filtration, sports pitch maintenance, block paving, play sand, industrial fillers, equestrian surfacing and golf bunkers.

Resin Aggregates

Resin bound aggregates provide an attractive and seamless finish to any surface. This adds kerb appeal to any property. They are highly durable and can be used to create excellent paths and driveways that require very little maintenance.

These surfaces are weed resistant and easy to clean. They are also permeable allowing water to drain away and minimising the risk of flooding. This is known as SUDs compliant.

What is SUDs compliance?

SUDs are a form of sustainable drainage which takes into account water quantity (flooding), water quality (pollution), biodiversity (wildlife and plants) and amenity. SUDs are therefore designed to transport (convey) surface water, slow runoff down (attenuate) before it enters watercourses, provide areas to store water in natural contours and can be used to allow water to soak (infiltrate) into the ground or evaporated from surface water and lost or transpired from vegetation (evapotranspiration).

SUDs are more sustainable than traditional drainage because:

  • They manage runoff volumes and floor rates from hard surfaces, reducing the risk of flooding
  • Provide opportunities for using runoff where it falls
  • Protect or enhance water quality
  • Protect natural flow regimes in watercourses
  • They are sympathetic to the environment and the needs of the local community
  • Provide an attractive habitat for wildlife in urban watercourses
  • Provide opportunities for evapotranspiration from vegetation and surface water
  • Encourage natural groundwater/aquifer recharge
  • Create better places to live, work and play

Where can I find out more?

For more information call us on 01246 418144 or contact us here.

Product Technical Data
Weight 6.25 kg
Aggregate Type


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