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Sand and glass is added to resin bound gravel mixes to create non-slip surfaces

Here at GCL Produts, we currently stock two products in the sand and glass resin bound category. The two products are a 25kg bag of crushed glass and a 6.5kg bag of chelford 52 sand. Both of these are used to increase the amount of grip (effectively making the area non-slip and skid resistant) with minimal effect to the aesthetics of the resin bound gravel surface. By adding either of these to an installation, the risk of slipping or sliding is vastly reduced which is vital when installing resin bound gravel around sensitive applications such as care homes, nursing homes, domestic driveways or anywhere with an incline. They can be either added to the resin binder and decorative aggregates when being mixed in a forced action mixer or they can be scattered over the finished surface whilst it is still tacky to help increase traction. You can learn more about the sand and glass which we do stock on the product pages.

For more information on our range of resin bound gravel sand and glass products or for some advice on which products would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our trained customer service team.

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