Soroto 120L at Green and Blue UK
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The Soroto 120L can meet your wildest dreams

the soroto 120L Forced Action Mixer at Green and Blue UK

Green and Blue UK are an award-winning manufacturing company of eco-friendly products for the garden and construction industry.

The business started in 2005 and is now established in Perranporth, Cornwall.

Green and Blue UK play an active role in creating a business that does the best it can, both for people and for the planet. They use 100% green energy, recycle everything and even harvest rainwater to use within production processes.

They needed a Soroto Forced Action Mixer to enable them to create products for wildlife. In this case study we spoke to founder Gavin Christman about why they chose the Soroto 120L, which is designed to stand the test of time.

Soroto 120L at Green and Blue UK
The Soroto 120L sat alongside the Soroto 80L at Green and Blue UK

Who are Green and Blue UK?

The company was founded in 2005 and allowed husband and wife, Gavin and Kate, to follow their dream of designing beautiful, stylish products that help wildlife.

They became one of the first four B Corporation (B Corps) in Cornwall. These are companies that are reinventing business, pursuing purpose as well as profit. They could only receive this certification after having met rigorous social and environmental standards, including responsibly sourcing products and being a fair employer.

“We use the Soroto Mixers to create building products for wildlife,” said Gavin. “Our range of products includes Beebricks nesting spaces for solitary bees, Batblocks for roosting bats, Swiftblocks for returning swift and a range of other products that benefit and aim to increase our biodiversity within our buildings and green spaces.”

“Our concrete mix design is made using 75% waste materials from our local china clay industry.”

Green and Blue
The Soroto 120L

"It has never let us down"

The Soroto 120L replaced the outgoing 80L Forced Action Mixer (pictured side-by-side in the image above).

Gavin said: “The 120L Soroto gives us a greater capacity. We’ve had an 80L Forced Action Mixer for five years and it has done us proud.

“The greater capacity means we can mix more per batch as we increase our production.

“We went for the 120L as Soroto Mixers have never let us down and we are really impressed with the quality of the machines.”

Soroto Forced Action Mixer
The Soroto 120L is designed to withstand use in tough environments

"Increase our capacity"

The Soroto 120L is designed and manufactured to withstand the toughest of environments, with a rugged, durable design and efficient yet quiet motors.

It features specially designed mixer arms means it can reach areas impossible for other mixers. The single phase motor means that the machine can last all day long and it is suit for the biggest and most awkward tasks.

“We like the replaceable paddle heads on the 120L (a feature not found on the 80L machines)” said Gavin.

“Our material is very hard and we’ve been impressed with how long the paddles last.

“The Soroto 120L machine means we can increase our capacity to manufacture more wildlife habitats, however it might be that the 80L comes out of retirement from time to time!”

The mixer arms are designed to get to areas impossible for other mixers
The mixer arms are designed to get to areas impossible for other mixers
Forced Action Mixers easy to transport
The 120L Forced Action Mixer is easy to transport

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