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200L restores heritage buildings and mixing pride

The new mixer restoring old buildings

The SoRoTo 200L is a large and efficient mixer that is ideal for larger projects.

It is built for work on the most rigorous of sites and is made to withstand the toughest of conditions.

It’s durable design was one of the reasons it was picked up by Hubert Restorations and is now key piece of equipment in period property restoration. We spoke to Ben Hubert to find out more.

Hubert Restoration uses a 200L for mixing lime
Hubert Restorations use the 200L forced action mixer to help to restore period properties.

Who are Hubert Restoration?

Hubert Restorations are a small company that specialises in the complete sensitive restoration of period properties.

Their skills include:

  • Lime plastering
  • Lime render
  • Lime pointing
  • Limecrete floors
  • Sash window restoration
  • Floor restoration
  • Limewash and distemper

The company has 25 years of experience in period property restoration.

Browse their Instagram page here.

Hubert Restorations
Hubert Restorations have 25 years of experience.

Prepare a mix for now and for later

“I work in the heritage sector restoring old buildings,” said Ben. “We use a lot of lime. We needed a big mixer suitable for creating a large mix, that could be used and/or saved for future use.

“We chose the 200L after looking around and talking to people.” 

The SoRoTo 200L has a 200 litre / 468kg mixing capacity. It is manufactured to the highest quality, with efficient yet quiet motors and a rugged, durable design.

Along with its specially selected 2.2kW motor and whilst still delivering 30rpm the mixer performs fantastically well in almost any circumstances when using the correct 3-phase 400v generator or 5kVa 110v transformer. Unlike with other large mixers, this machine can be easily transported and used on slanted and hard-to-reach areas due to its adjustable legs. 

Soroto 200L Forced Action Mixer
SoRoTo 200L

Consistent, quick and easy to clean

SoRoTo mixers have been manufactured to be portable and compact enough to be taken where they are needed – and they have a number of benefits.

“We use a lot of lime – both hydraulic and non-hydraulic – so we use the mixer for lime render or limecrete floor,” continued Ben.

“Normal drum mixers are rubbish for this. The lime doesn’t mix properly – but the forced action mixer is ideal.

“The key features of the mixer are the paddles and easy clean.

“It makes a good mix quickly, it is easy to clean and I can largely leave the mixer alone.”

Soroto Forced Action Mixer
Forced action mixers are convenient, quick and easy to clean.

SoRoTo mixer parts guide

Part guide to SoRoTo mixers

Find out more

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Find out more about Hubert Restoration by visiting their website here.

Speak to a member of our helpful and friendly customer service team on 01246 418144 or contact us here to find out about the 200L and other SoRoTo forced action mixers in our range.

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