elegrodeck Warranty Terms

The Manufacturer Warrants:

1. The Material will be free from defects that are a direct result of the manufacturing process.
2. The Material will be free from defects that have occurred under normal use and service.
3. The Material will be free from any defects that have occurred during the warranty period (listed above).
4. The Material will be free from defects that have resulted in cracking, splintering, flaking, splitting, rotting, cupping or
any other defect that has occurred as a result of structural damage caused by termites or fungal decay.

In case any of these defects arising; it is the responsibility of the client to prove the defectiveness of the Material.

Elegrodeck Warranty Exclusions

The warranty will not apply in the following circumstances:
1. When defects are caused by normal wear and tear;
2. When the Material is improperly installed and/or the Client has failed to follow the Manufacturer’s installation guidelines, including, but not limited to, improper gapping;
3. The Material is being used beyond it’s normal prescribed use, or it being used in a way that is not recommended by the
Manufacturer’s installation guidelines and/or local building regulations;
4. If there is distortion, movement, collapse or settling of the ground or the supporting structure on which the Material is installed;
5. It does not cover any force majeure events (Acts of God) (such as hurricane, earthquake, flooding, lightning, etc.), or environmental conditions (such as mould, air pollution, mildew, etc.)
6. If there is discoloration (variations or changes in the colour of Material);
7. When the defects relate to the normal weathering of surfaces;
8. In the event of improper storage or handling, or abuse or neglect of the Material by the Client or third parties;
9. Its exposure to, or direct or indirect contact with extreme heat sources, including reflected sunlight from low-emissivity (Low-E) glass which may damage the surface of the product and/or cause the Material to fade;
10. When there is any level of remanufacturing or fabrication or by a third party (parties);
11. The Client has used any fasteners not originally supplied by the Manufacturer;
12. In the event of improper application of paint or other surface chemicals which are not recommended by the Manufacturer in writing.

Obtaining Warranty Performance

If the Client discovers a defect in the Material that is covered under this Limited Warranty during the applicable warranty period (see above), then the Client must, within thirty (30) days from the discovery of the alleged defect, but no later than the end of the applicable warranty period, notify the Manufacturer, using the following email address:

Warranty Claims

The Client is solely responsible for determining the suitability, effectiveness and safety of the Material in connection with their intended use in any particular application.
The Client must include in this notification proof of purchase and a statement fully explaining the nature of the defect. The Manufacturer may request additional information, should they require it. It is a further condition of this Warranty that the Manufacturer will, within a reasonable period of its receipt of such notice, be permitted to inspect the supposed defect. After
reviewing all information, the Manufacturer will make a judgement regarding the validity of such a claim. If the Manufacturer determines that the Client’s claim is valid, the Manufacturer will, as its prerogative, either replace the defective Material or refund a portion of the purchase price paid by the Client for such defective Material. This guarantee shall not cover and Elegrodeck shall not be held responsible for any costs and expenses that are incurred in the removal of the defective Material or the installation of replacement materials. This includes labour and transportation.