Abbeydale Planter

Highly attractive recycled plastic planter

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Key Facts

  • 100% Recycled Polyolefin
  • Made From Household Plastic Waste
  • Available With Reflectors
  • Square and Rectangle Shapes
  • UV & Weather Resistant
  • >10 Year Life Expectancy

100% Recycled

UV Resistant

Highly Durable


Commercial Use

Domestic Use

Roadside Use
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Made entirely from post-consumer recycled plastic, the Abbeydale range of planters are sure to add a sleek and chic element of design to any garden or urban landscape. Specially designed with a solid core of plastic, each planter is strong enough to endure tough conditions without splitting, rotting or breaking down. Available in square, rectangle, hexagon or octagon shapes and in a range of heights and widths, there’s sure to be a planter which fits the needs of your next project.

With absolutely no wood fibres in the makeup of the plastic, these eco-friendly and beautiful plastic planters will never rot, split or require any maintenance or painting. The low maintenance keeps them looking their best for many years without any effort or upkeep which is not the case for more traditional wooden planters.

Made of solid recycled plastic, some of the Abbeydale’s planter range can be too heavy for a person to move around. The weight of each planter is intentional to prevent them from being moved accidentally or maliciously. However, to ensure they can still be moved around by the correct people, bearers have been specially installed on the underside of each planter to allow them to be maneuvered using a forklift truck, telehandler or pump-truck.

The complete Abbeydale planter range is available with or without light-reflectors, making them suitable for both roadside use and in extra-urban areas.

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Hexagonal, Octagonal, Rectangular, Square


100x100x27cm, 100x100x54cm, 100x87x27cm, 100x87x54cm, 100x50x27cm, 100x50x54cm, 100x100x81, 200x50x27cm, 200x50x81cm, 200x50x54cm

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