OX Pro Level 900mm 

The strongest level EVER or your money back!

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The Ox Pro 900mm (3ft) spirit level is one of the most robust on the market and hugely popular with all tradesmen. It features a unique dual-view making it easy to read from any angle, shock-proof end caps which help prevent damage if dropped and silicone air-cushioned handles for ease of handling.

What is the OX Pro Level?

The OX Pro Level is ideal for levelling walls, floors and materials when tiling, building and boarding.

It features a dual view for easy readability.

It has silicone air cushioned handles and shock proof end caps to enable the level to withstand any bumps.

What is a spirit level?

A spirit level is a tool use to diagnose how flat a surface is.

Typically the vials are a yellowish-green colour with additives for UV protection. The vial body takes a number of shapes, to measure the slope in fractions.

A step-by-step guide to read the bubble level

A bubble level can be used by following the instructions below:

  1. The bottom edge of the level sits against the surface that you are trying to level.
  2. Make one mark at the end of the level.
  3. Make another mark along the side of the level, underneath the central vial.
  4. Take a reading of the bubble’s position.
  5. Rotate the level by 180° end-to-end and align the level with marks.
  6. Take another reading. If the bubble is in the same place for both readings, the level is accurate.

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