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Belt Conveyors from SoRoTo


About SoRoTo Belt Conveyors

SoRoTo Belt conveyors are an easy to use, lightweight and portable material transportation device. Made to survive the harsh environments of the construction site the product has many benefits along with a variety of uses in order to reduce fatigue of workers, Reduce likelihood of back injury, Increase productivity and Increase profitability.

Our product range spans from the mini conveyor belt system at 2 metres long which is handy for indoor use, and small scale projects to the large electric conveyor belt measuring 8 metres in length and is perfect for large-scale construction projects. Our conveyor range allows you to develop a conveyor system which moves material quickly, safely and can allow access to restricted access.

Our conveyor range allows you to develop a temporary conveyor system which moves material quickly, safely and can allow access to restricted areas. SoRoTo conveyors are capable of moving up to 320 tonnes of material per day.

Features Of The Belt Conveyor

SoRoTo belt conveyors have been specifically designed with a lightweight aluminium frame making it the lightest conveyor on the market! Due to its frame, each belt conveyor is portable allowing it to be transported easily around worksites. With a specially designed ‘snap on and off’ system which allows you to create the perfect length conveyor easily and safely. You also have the option of daisy-chaining power from one machine to another to create a chain of conveyors to create a large material transporter. The adjustable angle, up to 45 degrees, allows you to create an effective conveyor system which can meet the needs of each of your projects. Each conveyor has a 2 wheel bogie, which allows them to be easily transported by just one person. Each portable conveyor has a range of safety features including a protective motor switch and thermal cut off to prevent any unwanted electric shocks and your machine from overheating. The machine is self-cleaning and cooling thanks to holes underneath the PVC belt.

Uses of Conveyor Belt

Our range of temporary conveyor systems removes the need for labour-intensive transportation tasks as the conveyor system can transport large quantities of material from one location to another. Each conveyor belt is able to transport a range of materials including brick, gravel, rubble, dirt, bags of material, roof tiles and much more. The use of a conveyor allows you to focus more on your project without having to spend time and effort moving materials which will help increase your productivity. Another great benefit of using the SoRoTo belt conveyor is you can join an 8-metre and 2-metre product together so that in total you can create one 10 metre portable conveyor system. This is perfect when longer length conveyor belts are required all the time and removes the need to set up a ‘daisy chain’ system of conveyors.

Accessories for Portable Belt Conveyor

SoRoTo provides a wide range of accessories for the conveyor belt range. If you use a wheelbarrow to contain waste the SoRoTo offers a wheelbarrow in-feed to ensure that all waste is correctly dispersed onto the conveyor so it can be quickly transported away without leaking or falling off. If you require a different style of PVC belt, SoRoTo offers belts without carriers to perfectly suit the transportation of wet products such as mortar. There’s a whole range of add-ons available to adapt the system to your needs. SoRoTo has 3 belt options, smooth (perfect for transporting wet substances), 10mm high carriers (comes as standard) and 30mm high carriers (perfect for hay and other light materials).


At GCL Products, we are able to offer a hire service on our range of SoRoTo products. We offer competitive prices for the week and offer both delivery and collection services. If you would like to enquire about hiring one of our portable belt conveyors then please fill out the hire form, and a member of our friendly sales team will be in touch to discuss your needs further.


GCL Products are proud to be the sole distributor of SoRoTo belt conveyors to the UK, Channel Islands and Ireland. Our partnership with SoRoTo enables us to have large stocks and fast shipping on the entire range of SoRoTo products. With 6 years of experience in the supply of materials, machinery, and tools into the construction and landscaping sectors, GCL Products have successfully supplied SoRoTo products to the UK market since early 2016. Our partnership with SoRoTo allows us to provide spare parts for all machines and an enhanced service for our customers.

When buying new SoRoTo machines through us, you will be provided with a 24-month return to base warranty, and a dedicated service centre based in Chesterfield. This means that our experienced technicians are on-hand to get your portable conveyor back up and running in case of any unexpected breakdown. We also stock a variety of genuine parts to ensure that your machine is ready in as little time as possible and is running to the best of its ability.


Why Choose SoRoTo?

SoRoTo started in 1986 and were the original manufacturer for forced action mixers. The company has more than 30 years of experience, as well as key practical knowledge of the construction industry enabling them to form a solid foundation in the market for SoRoTo machines which are now known across the world. You can be assured; our conveyors will do their job to the highest standard every time used thanks to its versatile, durable, reliable and lightweight construction.


If you would like more information regarding our belt conveyor range then please.  If you have any questions or would like some advice please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable and helpful sales team via live chat, email or call us on 01246 418144.