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Plaster Mixers

Plaster Mixers

A plaster mixing drill allows the tradesman to mix plaster with greater productivity. Using a highly efficient piece of equipment allows plasterers to achieve a very consistent mix with very little effort.

A specialist plaster mixing drill provides greater consistency than a standard drill or cordless drill. This is attributed to the plaster mixer’s design and power.

Paddle Mixers

A paddle mixer allows the user to quickly mix a wide range of materials. It suitable for mixing plaster, paint or cement with ease. The material is drawn through the rotating blades to ensure a consistent, lump-free mixture is achieved. The soft starts provide the user with greater control.

Paddle mixers make the mixing of plaster, adhesives, mortar and concrete quicker and easier.

Paddle mixers make the mixing solution for plasterers, tilers, landscapers, flooring and general builders.

Forced Action Mixers

Forced Action Mixers – sometimes known as pan mixers – mix dry, wet and moist mixtures. A pan mixer functions on the principle of mixing blades rotating at high speeds around the axis of a static mixing tank. The mixing is completed by three or four blades simultaneously wiping mixture from the side and the base on the mixing vessel.

SoRoTo are manufacturers of the original forced action mixers. The design of this world-leading Danish company strives for portability to enable ease of use on indoor masonry jobs. It can be transported by a single individual and is powerful and portable.

GCL Products are the sole UK distributor of SoRoTo products. We stock the full range of SoRoTo mixers from the smallest, most portable mixer to 300 litre mixers for the largest of building sites. The designs are built to stand the test of time and withstand the harshest of conditions.


A plasterers’ whisk is ideal for mixing low viscosity materials. The SoRoTo handheld mixers are designed for no spill and faster mixing speeds.

SoRoTo handheld mixers are designed so to be held at upright position and still scrape clean the sides of the plasterers buckets, reducing the risks of injury and fatigue. They are designed to mix up to 20% faster than traditional paddles.

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