GA90K 555mm Whisk

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Whisks from the GA series such as the GA90K 555mm whisk, are best suited to mixing high viscosity materials such as resin binder, plaster, mortar, tile adhesive and more. It is designed with a Hexagonal shaft for mounting in to a drill chuck.

SoRoTo Mixing Paddle

The SoRoTo GA mixing paddle is part of a new generation of mixer whisks with no spill and faster mixing speeds.

The mixing whisk is cone-shaped in order to increase efficiency. The mixing paddle can be held in an upright position and the operator can scrape clean the side of the bucket.

The design eliminates the need for the operator to twist their back and spillages are eliminated.

This mixing paddle can mix up to 20% faster than traditional paddles.

What is a paddle mixer?

A paddle mixer is perfect for quickly and efficiently mixing a wide range of materials, including mortar, paint, plaster, resin binders and cement.

The whisks draw the material through the rotating blades to create a mixture that is lump-free and consistent.

The soft-grip handles add comfort while using the mixtures.

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