Black 1-3mm Gravel

Decorative aggregate for resin bound gravel installations

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Key Facts

  • Gravel Size: 1-3mm
  • Gravel preparation: Washed, kiln-dried & bagged
  • Unit size: Individual bags
  • Bag size: 25kg
  • Delivered via: Pallet delivery



Gravel Size

Bag Size


Black 1-3mm Resin Bound Gravel

Black 1-3mm – black/charcoal granite gravel. Very plain and can be used on its own but is better when used for borders or when mixed with other colours. For example, white or red flint where it’s contrast works really well to highlight the other colours. Especially striking in resin bound which really brings out the colour when used in a mix.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
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