Golden Quartz 2-5mm Gravel

Decorative aggregate for resin bound gravel installations

£6.72 exc. VAT £8.06 inc. VAT

Key Facts

  • Gravel Size: 2-5mm
  • Gravel preparation: Washed, kiln-dried & bagged
  • Unit size: Individual bags
  • Bag size: 25kg
  • Delivered via: Pallet delivery



Gravel Size

Bag Size


Golden Quartz 2-5mm Resin Bound Gravel

Our best selling decorative quartz gravel, midway between brown and yellow gravels.

Golden browns and yellows give this gravel a unique mix of colours. It combines the best of all the brown gravels and the yellow and really stands alone as the best gravel we produce. Semi rounded, smooth and even texture.

Semi rounded golden quartz gravel with white, golden browns, buffs and amber tones. A colour that gives a gravel appearance but has a lot more life and colour than normal gravel. It’s used on it’s own but can also be mixed with plain colours for great effect. Fantastic in resin bound driveways or resin bonded surfaces

Additional information

Weight 25 kg