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What are the benefits of Soft Gravel surfaces over other materials?

The unique blend of rubber and gravel mixed with a resin binder creates attractive, seamless, permeable and low-maintenance surfaces that are soft underfoot.

What can soft gravel surfaced be installed on to?

Our rubber gravel mix can be installed onto concrete, tarmac, or compacted MOT type 1.

Can Soft Rubber be laid in the rain?

No, our rubber gravel surfacing can only be laid in dry conditions. Any moisture present before the surface has cured will cause adverse effects.

Is there a minimum and maximum temperature that Soft Gravel can be installed in?

We recommend that Soft Gravel is installed between 10°C and 35°C. If you are installing slightly below these temperatures, an accelerator may be required to speed up the curing process.

Will this rubber gravel surface need any maintenance?

A little maintenance will be required. We recommend a quick regular sweep of the surface to avoid debris build-up and periodic low-pressured jet washing.

Soft Gravel Kits

Rubber & Gravel Blend To Create Soft, Seamless, Durable & Porous Surfaces

Product Information
  • 1x 25kg bag of 2-6mm SBR rubber
  • 1x 25kg bag of 2-5mm aggregate
  • 1x 6.5kg bucket of polyurethane binder
  • Each kit covers approximately 2m² at 25mm
  • Available in four colours:
    • All-Black
    • Red/Black
    • Silver/Black
    • Gold/Black


£48.00 inc. VAT
This product is usually delivered within 3-5 days
Delivery costs will be calculated at the checkout page

Soft Gravel: The hardness of gravel combined with the flexibility of rubber

Soft Gravel is a term used to describe a permeable, hybrid rubber and resin bound gravel surfacing system which is an attractive, durable, SuDS compliant alternative to hardcore, tarmac or concrete for paths, walkways, nature trails, cycle tracks, golf course buggy tracks, tree pits, patios and borders.

By combining recycled rubber chips (SBR) and washed, dried aggregate with a single-part high-tensile binder, a flexible but hardy surface can be created which requires little-to-no maintenance and will resist some of the harsh conditions a public surface is subjected to.

About PermaPave Soft Gravel Kit

PermaPave Soft Gravel is a unique bound surfacing solution that creates seamless, durable, fully SuDs compliant and low-maintenance surfaces. Combining the flexibility of rubber with the strength, durability and attractiveness of natural stone aggregate. An innovative combination of recycled SBR rubber and washed & dried natural-coloured aggregate allows you to create decorative, flexible and slip-resistant outdoor surfaces with superb levels of water permeability.

Soft Gravel is bound using a high-tensile single-component polyurethane binder which is formulated for the creation of strong and permeable surfaces for a wide range of applications including:

  • Walkways and footpaths,
  • Nature trails and tracks,
  • Cycling paths,
  • Golf course pathways,
  • Tree pits and surrounds,
  • Patio areas,
  • Hard landscaping for care settings.

Each soft gravel kit contains 25kg of SBR rubber, 25kg of washed & dried aggregate colour of your choice and a 6.5kg bucket of resin binder.

For more information on our Soft Gravel range or to request a quote for an upcoming project, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can call or LiveChat with us during our office hours or outside of these times you can leave us a message.

Please note:

  • *Polyurethane binder is UV Sensitive and will yellow under ultraviolet light which will not affect the mechanical properties.
  • Polyurethane binder contains non-volatile isocyanate.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with skin from polyurethane binder.
  • In cases of polyurethane binder contact with eyes, flush out with excess water and seek medical attention.
Product Technical Data
Weight 56.5 kg
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