Resin Bound Gravel Patio

What Is A Resin Bound Gravel Patio?

Resin Bound Gravel Patios have become increasingly popular with home owners and commercial property owners in the UK over the past 5 years. With more emphasis on the use of SuDS complaint flooring  in urban areas after the environmental agency began calling for managed water runoff to reduce the risk of flooding which has become far too commonplace over the past few years. With this in mind many people have decided turned from hard surfacing to resin bound gravel surfacing to correct the drainage issue most of us are facing.

Whilst being environmentally friendly and reducing the chance of flooding, resin bound gravel surfacing is also a beautiful flooring solution. With so many different coloured gravels and aggregates on offer you can create your dream patio which compliments its surrounding area fantastically. As well as adding to your homes general appearance, resin bound gravel patios give you a hard wearing and minimal maintenance patio area which can be used all year round. Thanks to its manipulability, regardless of the size or shape of your required patio, resin bound gravel can be used to create even the most unusual shaped areas (we recommended to use a skilled and experienced surfacer for difficult installations).

Resin Bound Gravel Is Better Than Concrete, Brick and Loose Gravel?

Most people may say they are pleased with their current patio, however could they be happier by choosing to have a resin bound gravel patio installed? Compared to alternative patio surfacing such as loose gravel or concrete and brick, resin bound surfacing is the superior option by far:

A pebble resin patio is the better solution for your home compared to concrete and brick:

  • It allows water to drain away naturally and it reduces the chances of puddling and flooding, where as concrete and brick and impermeable and hold surface water which can lead to flooding,
  • It is just as strong of a material as concrete and brick,
  • It requires little to no maintenance where as concrete and brick patios can need cleaning more than once or twice a year,
  • Is ready for use less than 24 hours later unlike concrete which needs around a week to fully cure.

Resin Bound is also greater than loose gravel too:

  • Gravel can and usually does migrate to areas all around your patio including grass, flower beds and more where as resin bound does not move at all,
  • Resin bound is much stronger than just gravel unless your gravel patio includes the use of gravel grids such as X-Grid®,
  • Loose gravel patios require constant maintenance due to migration, resin bound patios do not migrate or require much maintenance through the year.

To help you purchase the correct amount of gravel and binder for your resin bound gravel patio we have 3.5m² Resin Bound Gravel Kits available in a number of colours for you to purchase. By measuring out your required area you can then proceed to buy the correct amount of kits to complete your project. Each kit contains one tub of UV stable resin, three bags of  2-5mm Gravel and one bag of 1-3mm gravel. Please note, our kits are estimated to cover 3.5m² at 18mm depth (which is the recommended depth for use on areas where cars will be driven).

Resin Bound Gravel Patio Conclusion

To recap, Resin Bound Gravel Patios are:

  • Environmentally friendly – porous paving that allows water to drain naturally through to a sub-base
  • Low maintenance option – reduces the chance of weeds, moss and puddles appearing
  • Highly durable – guaranteed to not crack or break up if installed correctly.
  • Using UV stable resin means there will be no colour fade over time.
  • Smooth – there are no loose stones to migrate to other areas at the front of your home
  • Accessible – resin bound is ideal for wheelchairs, mobility scooters,  pushchairs and bicycles as well as cars
  • Fully SuDS compliant – Water is able to flow through this surface to drain away naturally unlike conventional solid surfaces which are impermeable and can lead to puddling and flooding.


For more information on resin bound gravel surfacing read our Resin Bound Gravel Installation Guide which contains all of the information you will need to know before laying or having your own resin bound gravel patio laid for you.