Recessed Tree Pit Frame for Resin Bound Gravel

£540.00 inc VAT

  • Manufactured from high-quality stainless steel
  • L x W x D: 1200x1200x35mm
  • Can be retrofitted around mature trees
  • Hinged 3-part design allows access for maintenance
  • Can be filled with any resin bound gravel colour


An innovative product for the resin bound gravel market is this recessed tree pit. Essential for urban areas and around towns, these recessed tree pits are ideal for protecting the root and bottom of tree trunks by reducing the amount of litter and debris which can collect at the foot of the tree.
When filled with resin bound gravel, these tree pits retain permeability for rain water to drain efficiently, allowing for natural watering of the tree to occur. As the frame is made up of three parts, it can be installed around existing trees without the need to dig them up, which could affect the health of the tree. Using one of our decorative gravels and either the UV-stable or non-UV stable resin, you can create a scene which is either subtle or contrasting by using a contrasting or complementing gravel.

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Weight 150 kg