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X-Grid For Access Routes


Being one of the strongest reinforcement pavers on the market, X-Grid is commonly used to construct access routes and grass roads for use by a whole host of vehicles. From refuse lorries and fire appliances to light aircraft and site machinery, the surface can be used by most types of vehicle and protects the ground from erosion, sagging and churn.

These roads can be constructed using X-Grid to strengthen the ground and help to retain the gravel or grass used to fill it. This provides a stable and reliable surface suitable for use in an emergency or every day, with the X-Grid ground reinforcement grid performing to the highest standards over many years. When it comes to access route paving, use X-Grid, the reliable choice in ground reinforcement grids.

Product Features

High Load Capacity

420 tonnes/m² – Tested by Lloyds British

Manufactured in the UK

3 Colour Options

100% Recycled

SuDs Compliant

Product Information

X-Grid for access routes is the perfect solution to creating grass or gravel roads which provide access to a building in case of an emergency, without the need to lay an unsightly and impermeable tarmac or concrete surface. By filling the X-Grid panels with soil and seed mix, a solid and stable access route can be created which to the naked eye looks very little different to a normal grassed area.

The incredible loading capacity of X-Grid which stands at an impressive 428 tonnes per square metre when unfilled, which has been proven by experts at the industry leading Lloyds British Testing facility, means that it can cope with even the largest of road vehicles, including fire appliances. This, coupled with the fact that X-Grid is immune to the effects of strewing salts used to prevent ice, makes it the premium choice in ground reinforcement grids no matter what the weather.

X-Grid will create a strong surface which is easily laid and can be relied upon to perform when it matters the most.