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X-Grid for Caravan & Camping is a ground reinforcement and grass protection grid which is perfectly suited for caravan parks, campsites, caravan and motorhome storage facilities, domestic storage of motorhomes and caravans and even for tents.

By using X-Grid for pitches, footpaths and roadways, you can prevent mud from becoming an issue. As the grid is commonly filled with either gravel or grass, no matter what aesthetic finish you are looking for, X-Grid is perfect for most areas around caravan sites and camping facilities. The reduction of mud and the improvement of quality in the surfacing around your campsite can result in improved profits as your site is accessible & usable all year round and your on-site maintenance costs are reduced.

Once a grass surface has matured, X-Grid will become almost invisible and despite its subtle appearance, the surface should remain solid and pleasing to the eye all year round. When it comes to gravel, the anti-migration property is one of the most important, with X-Grid helping to retain the gravel fill and prevent it from unwanted creep into grassed areas.

Product Features

High Load Capacity

420 tonnes/m² – Tested by Lloyds British

Manufactured in the UK

3 Colour Options

100% Recycled

SuDs Compliant

Product Information

Whether it’s a campsite, caravan park or for caravan storage (both domestic and commercial), X-Grid is perfect for creating both temporary and permanent free-draining, hardstanding pitches. Once filled with gravel, the 100% recycled HDPE grid locks gravel into place and prevents it from migrating or rutting. This gives vehicles better traction and reduces the amount of maintenance (e.g. raking or rolling) needed to keep the road, footpath or pitch in a good condition.

Unlike tarmac or concrete, X-Grid and gravel is impervious to the effects of weathering and are suitable for use in even extreme temperatures. During periods of heavy rainfall, rainwater simply runs off the surface and finds the lowest point, often causing puddles of muddy water and localised flooding. The 95% open ratio of X-Grid means that rainwater can soak into the ground in the most natural way, dealing with the runoff before it becomes a problem.

X-Grid, when filled with soil and seed mix, creates a solid and sturdy grass surface which will not impact on the visual appearance of grass areas while still remaining strong and durable in poor weather conditions. By using X-Grid, you are protecting the grass roots and soil from erosion and wash-out, making sure your campsite looks beautiful all-year-round.