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SuDS regulations brought into force by DCLG have an aim of reducing surface water flooding by ensuring that new paved surfaces are as permeable as possible to allow rainfall to soak back into the water table naturally. One large area of focus is car parking as these are commonly large areas surfaced using tarmacadam or concrete, neither of which are permeable and can add to surface water flooding problems.

By replacing tarmac or concrete with X-Grid ground reinforcement grid and filling with either gravel or soil and seed, you can create a gravel or grass car parking area which is fully SuDS compliant, without compromising on the usability or the surface. Manufactured from high-density recycled plastic, X-Grid has a compressive strength of over 420 tonnes per square meter, making it suitable for car parking for most types of vehicle.

Product Features

High Load Capacity

420 tonnes/m² – Tested by Lloyds British

Manufactured in the UK

3 Colour Options

100% Recycled

SuDs Compliant

Product Information

X-Grid is the perfect choice for creating permeable gravel and grass car parking areas due to its 93% open structure, which allows for water to soak through the surface and follow the natural routes back into the water table without adding any additional pressure to the underground drainage networks. Available in three colours; black, green and natural, you can create a grass car park surface using the green X-Grid to ensure that the aesthetics of the area are as in-keeping as possible without the visual impact of less attractive surfaces. If cost is paramount for the project, the black X-Grid is one of the most cost-efficient plastic permeable paving grids on the market which keeps cost at its core without sacrificing quality or durability.

Traditionally, gravel car parks have required some regular maintenance to keep the surface at its best, including raking and topping up gravel due to migration. If there are deep areas of gravel, vehicles can also experience “beaching” where the tyres sink into the gravel and can cause access issues. By using X-Grid for your gravel car park, you are practically eliminating this ongoing maintenance. As the tyres no longer run on the gravel, rather the uppermost surface of the plastic, the gravel no longer collects in ridges which require raking flat. This saves time and therefore money on maintenance costs and ensures the surface is functional without any regular raking.