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One of the most well-suited applications for X-Grid is on domestic driveway projects where a homeowner or landlord would either like to create additional off-street parking space for cars or replace an existing parking surface which complies with the latest SuDS requirements. When filled with grass or gravel, X-Grid allows rainwater to soak through the surface and into the sub-base below and follows natural drainage routes back to the water table. This reduces the risk of localised surface water flooding and can help to reduce the overall flood risk of the property.

Available in three colours, there’s certain to be one to suit the aesthetics of the house. Green X-Grid is perfect for grass driveways which will remain more lush and green than unfortified grass surfaces as it protects from erosion and rutting, as well as proving respite for the root of the grass-blade which encourages growth. The Natural X-Grid is manufactured in a white colour to help the grid blend in when used with pale gravels and is perfect for sandy coloured gravels.

Product Features

High Load Capacity

420 tonnes/m² – Tested by Lloyds British

Manufactured in the UK

3 Colour Options

100% Recycled

SuDs Compliant

Product Information

Manufactured from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene, X-Grid for domestic driveways is produced in the UK to the highest standards to ensure each panel is perfect. When installed on a well compacted base of hardcore, it can be used to replace traditional surfacing methods such as tarmac or concrete and will keep the surface looking at it’s best all year round.

By preventing erosion and compaction of soil and eliminating the migration of gravel, X-Grid can help to improve the drainage around domestic properties and reduce surface water puddling or flooding. As strong as it is lightweight, weighing only just over 5kg per square metre but capable of withstanding over 420 tonnes of compression, X-Grid harnesses the power of good design and delivers high performance with swift efficiency.

With an integral slot and peg connection, X-Grid can be installed across sites of any size and the fully modular design means you can easily install paving to large areas in very little time. With one person able to lay 100m² per hour, creating the perfect domestic parking spaces doesn’t have to be costly or laborious when you choose X-Grid for a domestic driveway project.