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One of the biggest challenges facing equestrian facilities is creating areas which are soft enough for horses to use but strong enough to cope with the stress those areas are put under. Traditional unfortified grass surfaces have been used for hundreds of years in equestrian settings such as ménages, walkers, paddocks, riding schools, arenas and lungers. While offering the soft base for under-hoof, this can become too soft in autumn and winter months, causing the grass areas to become churned up and turned to mud. This mud can cause problems both with getting around in vehicles or on foot, spreading unwanted dirt across the site and even physical problems with the horse such as bacterial infections, rain rot or mud fever.

X-Grid for Equestrian helps to improve drainage as well as reinforcing the ground. When filled with sand, rubber crumb or soil & seed mix, X-Grid provides a soft surface under-hoof for horses while not becoming churned up, poached or rutted.

Product Features

High Load Capacity

420 tonnes/m² – Tested by Lloyds British

Manufactured in the UK

3 Colour Options

100% Recycled

SuDs Compliant

Product Information

Perfect for creating large areas of surfacing which are stable and free-draining, X-Grid for Equestrian is suitable to be filled with many different types of fill such as sand, gravel, soil & seed mix, rubber crumb, shredded bark and rubber mulch. This makes it a versatile product which can be used in many different ways around equestrian settings, such as for grass or gravel roads, reinforcing grazing areas, in ménages and arenas and even in stables.

With huge loading capacities of over 420 tonnes per square metre, X-Grid handles the weight of horses without a problem. Unlike some other grass pavers on the market, the unique pliable nature of the recycled HDPE which X-Grid is made from enables us to boast a truly impressive loading capacity without being brittle. With the improved drainage and stronger under-hoof surface the riding season can be prolonged and can be used in weather which would normally prevent riding.

Due to the cellular design of X-Grid, the ground is less likely to dry out and gives a more natural feel to the ground which is less fatiguing for both horse and rider and does not impact as heavily on the horse’s joints. Harrowing is made simple as the grid provides a solid base which gives a flat and even surface without undulations or lumps. Simply put, X-Grid is suitable for practically every area of equestrian premises.