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Over the past decade or so, the rise of hot tubs in domestic properties has been meteoric to say the least. Over more recent years, we have seen these hot tubs increase in size and weight as the technology becomes more sophisticated. With these increases in dimensions and weight comes an increasing challenge for the new tub owners to create a strong and stable hot tub base which is durable and strong enough to take the surprisingly great weights of the spa.

If creating a base for a hot tub from concrete slabs or free-poured concrete, these are likely to puddle up and this standing water can create issues over time to the underside of the spa tub. Also, over time the mortar securing the concrete slabs starts to disintegrate, making the base unstable. If timber decking is decided upon for the base, this needs to be incredibly well designed and may require additional support under the area where the tub sits to ensure the strength of the timber. Of course, this degrades over time and requires annual maintenance to keep the decking in good condition.

X-Grid is perfect as a foundation for hot tubs and swim spas as it does not require any maintenance, is free from rotting and is resistant to effects of weathering such as UV radiation or frost damage.

Product Features

High Load Capacity

420 tonnes/m² – Tested by Lloyds British

Manufactured in the UK

3 Colour Options

100% Recycled

SuDs Compliant

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Hot tubs can provide one of the biggest base-building challenges due to the exposure of the base to many destructive influences such as chlorinated water, frost damage, UV radiation, standing water and of course, heavy loads. As the weight of a large hot tub when filled can be as much as 2.5 tonnes, these destructive influences can, over time, cause the base of the hot tub to fail. The failure of a hot tub base can result in damage to the spa itself, with repairs running into hundreds of pounds.

Traditional bases tend to be constructed from either concrete slabs as per a patio, or from timber in the form of decking. Both of these choices are now old-hat methods of creating a solid base for a hot tub as plastic technology has improved massively over the past decade. As X-Grid is a permeable paving grid, when filled will still allow water to pass through the surface and eliminates puddling often seen with concrete alternatives. With the high likelihood of large amounts of water being deposited around the base of the tub, this is an important issue to deal with to prevent slips and hot tub base degradation.

Manufactured from an inert 100% recycled plastic, X-Grid is immune to the effects of chlorine which means that unlike timber, it will not break down over time and does not require annual painting or sealing. With a loading capacity of 420 tonnes per square metre when unfilled, X-Grid is perfectly capable of coping with the intense weights of a filled hot tub. The modular design of X-Grid allows for asymmetric shapes to be created, making it perfect for hot tubs and swim spas, regardless of their shape or size.