Belt Conveyors

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Versatile And Efficient Material Transportation Conveyor Belts

As the sole UK distributor of SoRoTo products we stock and are able to supply a wide range of SoRoTo belt conveyors which varies from the small, ideal for indoor use 2.0m long belt to the huge, work site optimised 8.0m long belt. Each conveyor is durable, sturdy, versatile, reliable, lightweight, easy to maintain and clean for both professional and domestic use. Conveyors remove the need for labour intensive material movement by transporting large quantities of gravel, rubble, bricks and earth & soil from one location to another.

Each belt conveyor has been specially designed with a lightweight aluminum frame to allow easy transportation around work sites and even angled up staircases. With a maximum incline angle of up to 45°, the conveyor can elevate materials up to the second or third storey, allowing heavy materials to be dropped where they’re needed. The frame and belt can be adjusted too thanks to a ‘snap on and off’ system allowing you to create the perfect length conveyor by adding or taking away parts of your conveyor for your needs. The designs also allow each conveyor to move up to 322 tonnes of material per day. You can be assured, SoRoTo belt conveyors will do their job to the highest standard each and every time used whilst keeping you safe as each machine includes a protective motor switch and a thermal cut off.

For more information on our range of conveyor belts or for some advice on which product would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our trained customer service team.