Universal Primer

Universal primer applied to tarmac or concrete before resin bound gravel is laid

£47.50 exc. VAT £57.00 inc. VAT

Key Facts

  • Used For: Resin bound gravel installations
  • Tin capacity: 5 litres
  • Applied to: Concrete & tarmac
  • Touch dry within 1 hour
  • Mixed In A: Forced Action Mixer
  • Delivered via: Pallet delivery

Strong bonding agent

Quick dry

Tin capacity



Our universal primer is a 5 litre tin which is used when installing resin bound gravel onto a pre-existing surface of tarmac or concrete. It is applied prior to the laying of your resin bound gravel to ensure a great installation.

What area does this primer cover?

While it is impossible to say for certain, our guidance is that a 5-litre tin will cover around 25m²

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