Resin Bound Accelerator (Catalyst)

Catalyst to be added to polyurethane resins to accelerate the cure rates

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Key Facts
  • Used For: Resin bound gravel installations
  • Tin size: 1 Litre
  • UV Resistant: No
  • Mixed with: Part A of polyurethane resins
  • Best applied using: A small syringe
SoRoTo 100L Forced Action Mixer
The perfect mixer for resin bound gravel installations
Specially Formulated

Tin Size

Speeds up curing time
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Resin Catalysts are a tin based catalyst which can be used in conjunction with two part component polyurethane resins to accelerate their cure rates. To use the catalyst, simply add to the part A component of the resin at levels of between 0.01% – 0.5% by weight.

It is recommended you use a small syringe to dispense it accurately into a part A component of the resin. Once it has dispersed through the part a resin, mix in the part B component.

Air Temperature (°C) Accelerator Needed
20 0.0ml per kit
17.5 5.1ml per kit
15 11.3ml per kit
12.5 19.2ml per kit
10 33.8ml per kit

The benefits of an accelerator/catalyst

The benefit of the accelerator is to ensure even, consistent curing.

The resin accelerator is used in a two part polyurethane resin mix. It is designed to speed up the reaction and work with the resin to create a stable solution and is perfect for using in colder temperatures and aims to speed up the curing process.

Resin bound stone curing time starts to decrease when applied at temperature below 15 °C.

The accelerator is manufactured to the highest standards to provide a quality finish when resin bonded surfaces are installed.

How to mix resins

Resin and hardener are mixed using a drill paddle for several minutes in order to ensure that everything is combined.

An accelerator would be needed if the temperature is below 15 degrees or there is a chance of dew or light rain.

Pour mixed resin into the mixer containing the aggregates, this should be mixed for around five minutes to make sure that products are full coated. This should also ensure that the dispersion of resin is even.

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