25kg Anti-Slip Crushed Glass

Anti-slip glass added to resin bound gravel installations

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Key Facts
  • Covers 100m² per 25kg bag (approx)
  • Clear glass to be used with all gravels
  • Sold in 25kg bags
  • Adds Anti-Slip layer to installations
  • Delivered via Pallet

Coverage Per Bag

Bag Size
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When laying a resin bound gravel surface, the surface is so fine and smooth that when wet or cold, the surface can become slippery or squeak when walked upon. By sprinkling a fine layer of crushed glass over the upper surface before the resin has cured, you can increase the amount of grip with minimal effect to the aesthetics of the surface.

By adding the glass, the risk of slipping is reduced which can be vital for installations around sensitive applications such as care homes, nursing homes or domestic driveways. The 25kg bag is usually adequate to cover an area of approximately 100m², is suitable for use on all colours of decorative aggregate and resins.

What is anti-slip crushed glass?

Anti-slip crushed glass is an ultra-fine coating for resin bound surfaces that enable anti-skid properties. It is ideal for ensuring he safety of staff, visitors or family who may walk on a driveway or path.

The use of this product delivers superior performance and creates an abrasive surface. Only a fine layer is required to make the surface has good grip.

The crushed glass is applied with a scatter coat method across the resin gravel. It is applied once the resin gravel has been trowelled but prior to the resin becoming set.

Anti-slip crushed glass layered on the resin bound mix adds safety to areas including care homes, schools and workplaces. The glass creates a fixed surface that gives no movement.

It also provides a decorative look which is pleasing on the eyes, as well as creating a hard-wearing surface which is low maintenance.

How much crushed glass should I use?

Resin bound driveways should be installed using 100g/m² worth of anti-slip crushed glass.

Where can I find out more?

To find out more information email us here or call 01246 418144.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 300 × 450 × 800 mm
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