Resin Bound Primer – PermaPrime

Universal primer applied to tarmac or concrete before resin bound gravel is laid

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Key Facts
  • Used For: Resin bound gravel installations
  • Tin capacity: 5 litres
  • Coverage (Approx.): 25m²
  • Applied to: Concrete & tarmac
  • Touch dry within 1 hour
  • Delivered via: Pallet delivery
SoRoTo 100L Forced Action Mixer
The perfect mixer for resin bound gravel installations
Strong bonding agent

Quick dry

Tin capacity

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Our PermaPrime is a 5 litre tin which is used when installing resin bound gravel onto a pre-existing surface of tarmac or concrete. It is applied prior to the laying of your resin bound gravel to ensure a great installation.

What is Universal Primer?

PermaPrime is a five litre tin suitable for tarmac and concrete.

It is used prior to laying the resin bound applications.

How does PermaPrime work?

The universal primer allows installation to start without delay.

It is easily roller applied onto new and existing concrete bases. It creates a barrier between the stone mixture and concrete surface which therefore allows resin bound aggregates to stick to it. It is important because it ensures that the concrete base doesn’t absorb the resin from the stone mixture which can weaken the final surface.

It creates a more efficient, professional and longer-lasting resin bound product.

It is suitable for use in driveways, patios and paths.

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What area does this primer cover?

While it is impossible to say for certain, our guidance is that a 5-litre tin will cover around 25m²

How is resin bound gravel installed?

To find out how resin bound gravel is installed, view our installation guide here:

When should the primer be installed?

It is recommended that the primer is installed on the day of the project. Within 20 minutes the application will become sticky and the resin bound can be fitted.

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