Soakaway Crates

About Water Storage Crates

We have sourced and currently stock the best water storage products manufactured from recycled materials. Our specially sourced products have large water storage capacities, are easy to install and can be stacked to create huge storage systems. These SuDS compliant crates allow you to reuse stored water or redirect the water collected to a local body of water or into storm drains at a more acceptable flow rate to help reduce surface water build up and the chances of localised flooding. Helping to reduce the pressure on overwhelmed drainage routes whilst also having a reserve of reusable water shows how versatile our soakaway crates are. You can learn more about our water storage products by reading on or clicking on the product of interest to yourself.

RecoCrate – Water Storage Systems

Our RecoCrate range of soakaway crates are versatile lightweight modular cells with high void ratios which are used for creating water storage systems for a wide range of landscaped areas. With varying weight baring capacities as high as 100 tonnes, these strong, large capacity, eco-friendly and long lasting soakaway crates are ideal for use in commercial, residential, industrial and retail areas including gardens, driveways, car parks and more. Water storage systems are underground installations which use pipes and non-permeable membranes to collect and store as much water as possible – up to 400 litres per crate. The collected water can then be re-used to water your garden, powering a water feature, wash your car or even be a reserve in case of a drought and so much more.

For more information on our range of water storage crates or for some advice on which product would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our trained customer service team.

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