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About Civils & Drainage

Here at GCL Products we have sourced and stock the best civil and drainage products created from recycled materials. These products help ensure every project you undertake are SuDS compliant and environmentally friendly. With flooding almost commonplace in the UK now, it is incredibly important that we increase drainage rates especially in Urban areas. From soakaway and water attenuation crates to drainage systems, we have products suitable for use on almost any job to help reduce pressure on modern drainage routes which become often overwhelmed. You can learn more about our drainage products by reading on or clicking on the product of interest to yourself.

RecoCrate – Soakaway Crate

Our RecoCrate range of soakaway crates are versatile lightweight modular cells with high void ratios which can be used for creating underground water storage systems and attenuation systems for landscaped areas. With varying weight bearing capacities as high as 100 tonnes, these strong, eco-friendly and long lasting soakaway crates are ideal for use in residential, commercial, industrial and retail areas including driveways, car parks, gardens and more. Soakaways are used to create permeable infiltration schemes and water storage systems which are similar in installation but are very different in application.

Water storage systems are underground installations using pipes and non-permeable membranes to collect and store as much water as possible. This collected water is then used for watering your garden, powering a water feature or even being a reserve in case of a drought and more.

Soakaway Crate Calculator

We have a calculator on our RecoCrate product page which can help calculate how many soakaway crates are required for a given roof size and pitch. By taking some basic measurements of the roof and entering these into the calculator will produce an approximate number of crates needed for the soakaway, in both cubic metres and in quantity of crates.

Infiltration systems are again installed underground with pipes to collect as much water as possible but instead uses permeable membranes to slowly release water into the ground below at an acceptable rate. This is done whilst preventing the ingress of soil or sand particles to ensure the ground does not become waterlogged or potentially flood.

RecoDrain – Drainage System

Our RecoDrain is a strong, innovative, modular, easy to install and long lasting channel drainage solution which can be used for a wide range of applications. Being able to withstand up to 1.5 tonnes per 1m length and coming with a 10 year manufacturer guarantee, RecoDrain is an ideal drainage solution for a huge number of projects. From being used on domestic driveways, car parks, gardens, pathways and more, the RecoDrain will provide you with an effective drainage route which is easy to install and helps reduce surface water build up and prevent flooding.

For more information on our range of civil and drainage products or for some advice on which product would best suit your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our trained customer service team.

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