RecoCrate Soakaway Crates

Recycled plastic crates for soakaways, attenuation and storm water management

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Key Facts
  • Length: 1000mm
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Depth: 400mm
  • Volume: 400L
  • Manufactured to: ISO9001 Standards
  • Pack size: Single
  • Pallet quantity: 5 + associated clips
  • Several Knockouts On Top Of Crate
  • Compatible With 110mm Pipes


Flood Prevention

Reusable Water

Water Drainage

Domestic Use

Commercial Use
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About RecoCrate soakaway crates

Our RecoCrate range of recycled plastic drainage crates are lightweight modular cells with a high void ratio which can be used for creating underground water storage systems and attenuation systems for landscaped areas. These strong, long lasting and eco-friendly crates are ideal for use in residential, commercial, industrial or retail areas including car parks, driveways, gardens and so much more. Some areas can require a heavier duty soakaway crate which is why we stock a number of RecoCrates with different load-bearing capacities as high as 75 tonnes!

Infiltration and water storage crates

RecoCrates are used to create permeable infiltration schemes and water storage systems. Although the installations of the two types do not vary much the finished product could not be more different. The water storage systems are installed underground using pipes to collect as much water as possible and non-permeable membranes to wrap around the crates to prevent any liquid from escaping. The collected rainwater can then be reused in a number of ways from watering your garden to powering a water feature to being a reserve in case of drought and much more. The infiltration system is again installed underground and uses pipes to collect as much surface water as possible but a permeable membrane is wrapped around each soakaway crate. The RecoCrate collects and slowly releases water into the ground below at an acceptable rate whilst preventing the ingress of soil or sand particles to ensure the ground does not become waterlogged and potentially flood.

Here are just a few advantages to creating water storage areas and attenuation systems using RecoCrates:

  • Prevents extreme peak flows to main drainage and water purification systems
  • Rainwater is cleaned by the geotextile surround
  • Decreases the possibility of flooding during heavy rainfalls
  • Allows development of difficult sites by using attenuation/water storage
  • Decreases environmental problems caused by development
  • Greywater storage for use in flushing of toilets, watering of plants cleaning of vehicles etc:


Soakaway Crates – True or False

“It’s cheaper to use hardcore to create a soakaway” False

In fact, to buy the required amount of RecoCrates to fill a 1m³ hole is comparative with the cost to fill the same hole with recycled hardcore, making RecoCrates the cheaper option once you’ve factored in time & motion and labour.

“Soakaway crates are far more efficient than the outdated hardcore-fill method” True

While the traditional method of filling a trench or hole with rubble or hardcore is tried and tested, unfortunately, this is a far less efficient method of dealing with surface water drainage. Hardcore or rubble fill generally tends to have at the very most a 30% void ratio, Reci have up to a 95.5% void ratio, making them over three times more efficient than their old-school counterpart.

“Rubble or hardcore soakaways are far stronger than plastic crates” False

Rubble and hardcore can become compacted over time or under exceptional loads. They can also be unpredictable and could fail at any time, should a large load roll over them and part of the soakaway collapse. Also, once they have been installed, it’s impossible to inspect what’s happening under the ground, increasing the unpredictability. RecoCrates are rated for vertical loading of 20 tonnes up to 100 tonnes and can be fitted with inspection chambers, which allow for underground inspection to be carried out easily.

Additional information

Weight N/A

How much ground is required above the crate for a driveway or parking?

We don't provide an exact requirement as this very much depends on specific circumstances. The minimum is 75mm of cover with sharp sand to protect the structure of the crate and then an appropriate depth of MoT type 1 or 3 as dictated by the Highways Works Specification (typically 150mm).

How are RecoCrates installed?

RecoCrates must be installed correctly to ensure they perform efficiently whilst being fit and safe for purpose. To read our installation instructions take a look at the RecoCrate product guide.

What is a RecoCrate's water holding capacity?

All of our RecoCrates are able to store up to 400 litres of water.

How strong are RecoCrates? Can they hold the weight of vehicles?

We have a range of different strength crates. The weight bearing capacities of our RecoCrates vary from 20 tonnes to 75 tonnes.

Is geotextile fabric supplied with RecoCrate?


What size RecoCrate do I need??

Using the calculator option you can work out what size you need.

Product Guide

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