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SKU: WLM100G01100

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What are woven membranes used for?

Woven membranes are used as part of a sub-base build-up in landscaping settings. They create a permeable layer where water and nutrients can reach the ground below whilst preventing weeds from penetrating the surface, This means they are also referred to as weed membranes.

What should be used to secure the membrane?

U-Pins are used to hold the membrane in place. These can be ordered separately.

What size membrane is needed?

The membrane should be the same size of the area being maintained, e.g the same size as the X-Grid area.

What is the delivery cost?

The delivery cost for the woven membrane can be calculated at the basket and checkout stage of the order.

Is it SUDs compliant?

The weed membrane is SUDs compliant, ensuring that water can drain to the ground below to keep the soil healthy whilst preventing surface water build-up and flooding.

Woven Membrane – 1x100m

Heavy-duty, tear-resistant woven landscape membranes

Product Information
  • Width: 1m
  • Length: 100m
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight (g/sqm): 100g
  • Material: Woven polypropylene
  • Pack size: One roll
  • Controls: Annual and perennial weeds
  • Compatible with: X-grid, rubber grass mats, rubber tiles, soakaway crates and decking boards

£45.00 exc. VAT

£54.00 inc. VAT
SKU: WLM100G01100
This product is usually delivered within 3-5 days
Delivery costs will be calculated at the checkout page

We stock a range heavy duty, tear resistant, permeable, easy to install and fully weather resistant membrane sheets which are used in almost all landscaping and gardening projects to create a long lasting barrier between the ground and your chosen product or covering above. Membrane sheets can be used in conjunction with many forms of paving, decking, paths or rubber surfaces. Each sheet provides you with a protective layer that prevents annual and perennial weeds from reaching the surface whilst still being permeable and allowing rain, surface water, air and nutrients to drain naturally through to the ground and plant roots below.

Landscape membrane

Membranes are a very important part of a lot of projects and are very easy to install. Cut or strim the area of existing vegetation down to the root before ensuring there are no fibrous stalks present as these could penetrate the membrane OR excavate the entire area to leave an exposed soil surface. Roll out your membrane and position where you would like to install it before securing in place using either galvanised steel membrane staples or plastic fixing pegs at approx. 1 metre intervals. Ensure the membrane is correctly secured and it will not move before continuing with the rest of your installation.

Weed membrane

The woven membrane is commonly used as a weed membrane to control the growth of annual and perennial weeds.

These sheets are SUDs compliant, meaning that they allow rainwater to soak through them and into the ground below. This ensures that the ground is healthy whilst ensuring surface water build-up. Importantly, this sheet also prevents surface water build-up which could lead to flooding. Importantly, this sheet also prevents unwanted shrubs from rising to the surface above.

Find out more about the woven membrane

If you need any more information about our membrane rolls take a look at the product guide or if you have questions regarding any of our other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of our knowledgeable members of staff who will be able to advise you.

Product Technical Data
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 100000 × 1000 mm
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