Resin Bound Edging Trim – Flexible

Durosol Aluminium Edging Profile for Resin Bound Gravel from Dural

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Key Facts
  • Length: 2.5m
  • Internal Height: 15/18.5mm
  • Overall Height: 16/19.5mm
  • Base Width: 24mm
  • Material: Aluminium
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Designed to create curved and round edges which are attractive and durable, the Durosol flexible range is made by Dural from aluminium. One of the most well respected brands in the resin bound gravel industry, Dural have been manufacturing edging profiles for construction for decades. Made to create a sheer and aesthetically pleasing edge to resin bound gravel surfaces, these flexible aluminium profiles can be bent and curved to produce shapes and to follow contours.

The edges are simple to fit, effective and attractive. The resin bound can help installers keep a consistent, even depth of surface. The flexible edging trim can bend to accommodate curves and shapes. Alternatively, a straight edge is available here.

What is resin bound paving edging trim?

Resin border edging trim or paving edging trim is designed to add the finishing touches to a project.

It adds a striking finish to a border and can make a gravel driveway stand out.

What is aluminium edging?

This is a high quality and affordable solution. The level border created is both attractive and functional. It can act as movement joints and therefore defend against expansion and cracking.

The aluminium trim can be both flexible or straight – allowing it to facilitate a border of any design. It is ideal for landscape edging as it carries strength, flexibility and durability and combines this with a simple, easy install process. Once fitted it requires little maintenance.

Endless lines, curves and gradients can be created for a fully bespoke landscape design.

Why choose a flexible edging trim?

A resin bound edging trim provides the highest quality, durable aluminium alloy. It is long-lasting, will not rust and the fast installation can be set up by hand – making it more affordable than alternatives.

The strong base built with a tapered top edges provides stability and it is able to work between all hard and soft surface types.

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 2500 × 24 × 16 mm

15mm, 18mm


Can this product be used as both a flexible and straight edge?

Products are specially designed for straight and rounded edges. For the straight edging trim click here:

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