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EcoLat is a new generation lawn edging product manufactured entirely from post consumer recycled plastic. Our decorative garden edging is ideal for creating divisions between two or more landscaped areas such as garden borders, flower beds, gravel paths or any other features in a landscaped garden. 

As EcoLat is made from entirely plastic waste, it is a strong, durable, weatherproof and environmentally friendly edging system which can be used next to a wide range of landscaped areas. 

It is ideal for use on almost any project to fit bends and circles perfectly or fitted straight to prevent material migration, crumbly edges and grass or plants from growing outside of their set boundary.

EcoLat | Lawn & Garden Edging

EcoLat is an incredibly popular lawn and garden edging system used both commercially and domestically to allow users to create strong, sharp and attractive edges or separations between landscaped areas. 

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic waste, EcoLat takes on some properties of plastic making it strong, flexible, weather and UV resistant resulting in our edging having a prolonged lifespan. EcoLat has also been specially designed by the manufacturing team to have a textured surface to give the edging an attractive appearance of slate. 

This attractive edging is used by a number of people enhance their projects appearance whilst providing the solid and durable separation required. You can see in the photos above how Ecolat aesthetically compliments the turf, flowers and other plants when installed beside them.

Another fantastic benefit of EcoLat is the simple installation process thanks to the use of its unique fixing solutions, EcoPics, which you can learn more about further down this page.

EcoPic | Recycled Plastic Fixings

Installation method

EcoPics are edging fixings manufactured entirely from post consumer recycled plastic. These fixings are H shaped to make the installation simpler and available in either grey or brown to match the EcoLat edging range and packaged individually or in packs of 10. EcoPics are environmentally friendly, strong, durable, weather and UV resistant fixings which are specially designed to secure EcoLat edging perfectly. The recycled properties of EcoPics mean each fixing is strong, strimmer proof and will not rot away or break down over time.

As well as carrying so many benefits, EcoPics and EcoLat are also very easy to install. To do so follow these simple steps:

1. Dig a trench where your EcoLat edging is to be installed,

2. Lay your EcoLat vertically into the trench,

3. Hammer in EcoPic stakes at approximately 1m intervals directly behind where the EcoLat is sitting,

4. Screw the edging into the EcoPic using a chipboard screw and repeat until all of the edging is secured,

5. Finally, back-fill the area to create a smooth surface before landscaping the surrounding area as you wish.

Product Specification

EcoLat & EcoPic Specification

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Frequently Asked Questions

EcoLat is easily installed using EcoPics. You can read the installation instructions in full in the EcoLat product guide.

EcoLat can be installed as both straight edges and curved edges thanks to its strength and flexibility but more fixings will be required if installing a curved edge.

The total amount depends on the shape of the edging you are wanting to install but we usually recommend using one fixing approximately spaced every 1 metre.

Yes, EcoLat is a strong edging which can withstand strimmers.