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How do I install rubber tiles?

Rubber tiles can be installed using the provided interlocking pegs or rubber adhesive dependent on the existing floor, take a look at our product guide which includes an installation guide.

How do you maintain rubber tiles?

Rubber tiles are very easy to maintain. You can use a damp cloth with soapy hot water which will remove any dirt or you can use a pressure washer. All cleaning products for in and around the home are also suitable for cleaning your tiles. Please do avoid using abrasive or corrosive materials as this could affect the lifespan of your tiles.

Is there a difference between the 3 different tiles you have?

No, the tiles are exactly the same other than the colour!

Are all of your rubber tiles recycled?

Yes, every single one of our rubber tiles are manufactured from EPDM rubber.

What is the critical fall height of rubber tiles?

When installed on the right flooring, rubber tiles provide you with a 1.1-metre critical fall height.

Rubber Tiles – Black

Flooring for low level play areas, balconies and roofs

Product Information
  • Tile Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm
  • Tile Depth: 30mm
  • Tile Weight: 4.8kg
  • Tiles required per m²: 4 tiles
  • CFH rated: 1 metre
  • Material: Recycled SBR rubber granulate
  • Complies with: BS EN 1177

£8.82 exc. VAT

£10.58 inc. VAT
SKU: RPT30B-001

In stock

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Black rubber tiles are manufactured from recycled rubber waste and carry a critical fall height of up to 1 metre making them ideal for low level play areas. Each tile measures 500mm x 500m x 30mm meaning 4 tiles are required to create one square metre. Weighing just 4.8kg too, the tiles can be moved around and installed by just one person.

Our fully recycled rubber tiles are strong, durable, versatile, non-slip, cost effective and low maintenance soft flooring solutions which can be used for a wide range of applications including play areas, balcony flooring, roofing and so much more. The tiles can be installed onto solid and granular existing surfaces by either using the included interlocking pegs or securing using a strong rubber adhesive. Despite their toughness, our rubber tiles still allow for natural drainage which means that air, water and essential nutrients are able to reach the ground below. This is not always the case with other rubber flooring products but our tiles ensure the below surface is not neglected. Not only are the tiles great for at helping the ground around them but they are also easy to install and low maintenance, should your tiles become dirty you can simply clean them with warm soapy water and leave to dry. Available in two other colours, you can create vibrant or natural-looking areas by using one colour or multiple coloured tiles for solid or patterned surfaces.

Due to the typical manufacturing tolerances and the expansion and contraction of rubber under temperature fluctuations, we cannot guarantee that all pre-drilled holes will be aligned and some tiles may therefore require additional bonding or drilling to create perfect alignment. These tiles may besupplied with 8 pins per tile to assist with installation but are not sold as interlocking, thus any tiles with alignment issues will not be deemed to be faulty.

If you have any questions regarding our rubber tiles or have would like some advice on the best product for use on your upcoming project, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful and knowledgeable sales team.

Product Technical Data
Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions 500 × 500 × 30 mm
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